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Dewalt Expands the ToughSystem with a Compact Deep Tool Box

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Dewalt has expanded their ToughSystem 2.0 storage system with a new compact deep tool box, model DWST08035.

The new tool box is a half-width tool box, similar to their new ToughSystem battery charger and storage tool box (DWST08050), but taller. Dewalt also has a compact organizer (DWST08020).

Compact ToughSystem 2.0 tool boxes and organizers can stack and lock to each other, and to the top lids of standard-width ToughSystem 2.0 tool boxes.

Dewalt ToughSystem 2 Compact Deep Tool Box DWST08035 Open Lid

Features include metal-wire front latches, weather sealing, removable dividers for interior organization, and a removable compact tool tray.

The Dewalt ToughSystem compact deep tool box has a 5.3 gallon (20L) storage capacity.

Dewalt ToughSystem 2 Compact Deep Tool Box DWST08035 Organizer Insert

The tool tray has a clear lid, a long compartment for hand tools, and a compartment that looks to accept Dewalt ToughCase-type drill and screwdriver bit rails.

Dewalt ToughSystem 2 Compact Deep Tool Box DWST08035 Open with Horizontal Tray

The tray can be placed across the top of the open compartment as well. Or, take it out and use it somewhere else.

Dewalt ToughSystem 2 Compact Deep Tool Box DWST08035 with Tool Belt Clip Slots

The molded side handles have integrated slots for hanging cordless power tools or accessories via their belt hooks.

Additional features include a bi-material top handle, customizable content plate for leveling, and an Auto-Connect stacking latch as found on other ToughSystem 2.0 tool boxes and organizers.

Price: $60


Dewalt ToughSystem 2 Compact Deep Tool Box DWST08035 Closed

This looks to be a welcome addition to Dewalt’s ToughSystem 2.0 storage system.

The removable tool tray seems like a good idea for holding smaller tools and parts that would otherwise get lost in a tool box this deep, and it can be stowed in the tool box in vertical or horizontal orientation.

Product photos show the tool box holding a cordless impact driver and oscillating multi-tool – both placed upright for easy access – a couple of tubes of construction adhesive materials or caulk, and the included removable tool tray.

But what else can it hold? I’d like to see more examples of how it can be used. How would you use a tool box like this?

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