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Knipex’s Tiny Pliers Wrench XS isn’t for Everyone

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Knipex Cobra XS pliers are excellent. They’re not perfect, but it’s a scaled-down miniature version of the brand’s popular Cobra line of adjustable pliers.

Whether its existence was originally in the plans, or prompted by requests and user enthusiasm for the Cobra XS, Knipex also launched the Pliers Wrench XS, a 4-inch version of the now-ubiquitous pliers.

The XS is not like other Pliers Wrenches, as there’s no adjustable button. As with most other Knipex tools, the Pliers Wrench XS is very well-made.

I bought one back in November, for $64.26 minus 20% Cyber Monday discount, for an out-the-door price of $51.41 plus tax.

That seemed quite high to me, but I wanted one for review purposes and let ToolGuyd foot the bill.

Granted this is the Knipex Pliers Wrench, a tool that’s absolutely worth the premium, but $51 after Black Friday/Cyber Monday coupon is still a lot for miniature pliers.

It’s definitely not for everyone. Maybe it’s one for enthusiasts, or maybe for users who absolutely cannot fit larger Pliers Wrenches in their pocket when a tool pouch or bag is out of the question.

A lot of readers have been forwarding “the Pliers Wrench XS is Officially Here!” email notices and the such. (This confuses me – does this mean the one I bought from a US retailer in November was a grey market version, imported through back-channels? Maybe that’s why the current price is lower than it was back in November?)

All of the “back in stock” and “in stock now!!” emails seem to have been met with much excitement.

The Pliers Wrench XS seems to have sold out at participating Knipex dealers, and to such extent that they don’t seem to be allowing backorders.

While this is definitely a tool I thought I was excited about, it’s not one I can heartily recommend yet. I’m not yet convinced that the Pliers Wrench XS properly deserves the excitement and hype surrounding it.

My hesitation isn’t that the Pliers Wrench XS is too small, but that slightly larger Knipex Pliers Wrench tools are so much more practical.

Over at KC Tool, their current price is $58.31. (If it were in stock, coupon code TOOLGUYD4LIFE would take 10% off.) Cobra XS adjustable pliers cost around half as much.

The next-smallest Knipex Pliers Wrench, previously the brand’s smallest, is priced at just under $45 at Amazon.

Personally, I think that the 7-1/4″ pliers are the best to start out with (~$61 at Amazon). My first Pliers Wrenches were the 7-1/4″ and 10″ sizes, and I use the ~7″ for most tasks.

The XS is specialty sized. If you want a smaller Pliers Wrench that you can more easily carry in a pocket, this is the one, but it will cost you extra.

After owning one for a few months and finding few tasks or applications where this has been the best or most convenient tool for the circumstances, I’m still undecided.

While I am happy to have it at my disposal, I don’t think I would replace it if damaged or misplaced.

I’m still working towards the formal review – please let me know what types of comparisons you might like to see. Are there any ways you would like me to test it?

In the meantime, if you bought one, or want to buy one, what do you think about the Knipex Pliers Wrench XS?

Update 6/18/22: 3rd party sellers have the XS for as low as $48.99 at Amazon.

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