How do You Feel About Pocket Knives, Flashlights, Multi-Tools?

One category you missed up there, Stuart (though you may think “It kinda fits in there anyways”) is “Converted by Scouting and Outdoor Activities” which rather taints whatever a person would be like before they joined up, versus how they think once they have gone through the program, and left. “Be Prepared” being the Motto, in general, former Scouts can vary in how extreme they take EDC, depending on what they achieved while in the Brotherhood. (This is just a note, not a judgement, I still love how you broke down EDC the way you did.)

As to my answer? I started collecting knives when I was around 7 or 8. Once I assured my parents “I’m not going to be throwing things I collect” they were fine with it. That collection got filtered through Scouting to become generally a fan of Blades in historical, and practical use. Now, it’s a serious love of specific brands, exact models, and a general “Meh” to taking sides on things outside that.

Of course… I’m a bit contradictory, since I have 4 Leatherman tools, in custom-made holsters, plus a DeWALT Folding-Retractable Utility Knife, about… 8″ from my left hand right now? And a Streamlight Stylus Pro directly in front of me. I am really big on EDC for myself. For “Oops, I need something while I’m out” I carry a lot on-body just in case. On the flipside, I also own quality tools for those times I can build or repair things by choice, or at my leisure.

I prefer Black Oxide or Blacked-Out tools because of the reflective aspects. I actually have a light sensitivity problem, so the less chance of light being flashed in my eyes, the better. I’m not fond of “Tacticool” designs, yet I find the MOLLE system to be utterly necessary to my life. I can make my EDC suit, and fit me precisely.

So, if you’re wondering what my opinion is… it’s a little corrupted by Scouting. If you’re asking my “Feelings” about it… well… I’m tainted by inescapable loyalty to things… so … I don’t think that’s valid.

I have an attitude about the EDC concept that is rather strange. As I learned from my Father… If something is worth buying, it’s worth investing in something that will last. So… I’m Team Leatherman, There is just One Knife I would put on a “Wishlist” right now, and that’s an all-blacked-out, corrosion resistant steel, Benchmade Crooked Creek Flip Knife. I own, and have modified, a Bullet Grip Stylus Spacepen, a 0.5 mm Pentel 1000 Mechanical Pencil (That’s your fault, Stuart.) And if you’re asking what someone who is Photosensitive thinks of Flashlights? You’re… Barking up the wrong tree… I have a slim flashlight for EDC, a couple DeWALT utility lights for varying reasons, and migraines when I drop any of them the wrong way, and they flash my eyes.

I am all for specific types of EDC, but I don’t expect full-time tool users to forcibly adopt my views on them, because EDC is about what you use, not what you’re assigned. I’m not fond of several of the Leatherman recent releases, but I still love Leatherman. I was once set on getting a really nice 11″ Bouwie Knife (Measured from the Pomel, not the Hilt) but Benchmade has convinced me the Crooked Creek would suit me better. I will continue to use MOLLE pouches, bags, and gadgets, to happily link up my EDC, and I will be happy to buy those MOLLE items from AliExpress, made in China, because they’re just containers, and I’m not going to war with them. So I don’t need the $500 backpack, I need the $50 one, etc.

You had to expect my views to be complex on this topic, so I make no apologies for the length of this entry. It should answer every possible question you have about whether or not I care about the entries on ToolGuyd regarding EDC.

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