Dremel Meets Ryobi’s Challenge with 2 New Cordless Rotary Tools

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Dremel has quietly launched 2 new 12V Max cordless rotary tools, 8240 and 8250.

The new Dremel cordless rotary tools follow a series of new tool and accessory launches by Ryobi, which is quickly becoming a major competitor in this space.

Dremel has previously launched the 8260, and new flagship model with a brushless motor and Bluetooth connectivity, and the 7350, a no-frills USB-rechargeable model.

Dremel 8240 Cordless Rotary Tool


The Dremel 8240, which Amazon states is the new model version of the older 8220, launched at the $99.99 price point.

It features an EZ Twist nose cap, 5,000 to 35,000 RPM variable speed motor, and an LED battery charge indicator.

Dremel says the 8240 features high versatility, high power, and is the tool to do it all.

Compared to the 8220, the new 8240 “features improved design and extended soft grip for more control and comfort,” as well as “enhanced electronics for optimal power, performance, and efficiency, and also improved ventilation to reduce heat during use.”

The kit, 8240-5, comes with a charger, 2.0Ah battery, tool bag, and a 5pc accessory set to start off with.

Price: $100

Dremel 8250 Cordless Rotary Tool


The Dremel 8250 looks similar to the 8240, but sports slightly different ergonomics and additional features. The 8250 kit was launched at $149.99 pricing.

This model features a brushless motor, variable speed dial from 5,000 to 30,000 RPM, and a reinforced digital display that indicates speed, battery life, and warning lights that activate when the tool encounters overload or excessive temperature conditions.

The 8250 is also more ergonomically shaped and with a textured rubber soft grip. Dremel says it features low noise and vibration.

The 8250-5 kit comes with a 3.0Ah battery, charger, carrying bag, and 5pc EZ-Lock cutting wheel accessory set.

Price: $150

Dremel 8240 vs. 8250 Cordless Rotary Tools


The main difference between the 8240 and 8250 tools, aside from the hand grip, lower max speed for the 8250, and indicator LEDs, is that the 8250 has a brushless motor and the 8240 a brushed motor.

Dremel says that the 8250 delivers more power, runtime, and more speed than the 8240, although it should be noted that the 8240 has a higher max operating speed. Perhaps Dremel is referring to application speed.

Both tools appear to be similar, with the 8240 weighing a little more, at 23.3 oz vs. 20.5 oz for the 8250.

The charging time is said to be 65 minutes for the 2Ah battery, and 95 minutes for the 3Ah battery.


It looks like the 8250 is based on Dremel’s also-recent 8260 cordless rotary tool, but without the Bluetooth and app connectivity.

The 8260 kit is currently $169 at Home Depot.

Dremel 12V Max Compatibility Notice

Dremel says:

No, the 8250 is not compatible with Dremel 12V battery pack model numbers 875, 880, B812 & B814 which are intended for use with the Dremel 8220. The B816 12V battery pack is intended for use with the 8250 and not compatible with the Dremel 8220.

Basically, the 8240, 8250, and 8260 form a brand new Dremel 12V Max cordless power tool system that is not compatible with their older tools or batteries.

Don’t Forget About Ryobi

The competition between Dremel and Ryobi has been heating up, giving hobbyists, DIYers, crafters, and even pros more cordless rotary options than ever before.

Here are the latest from Ryobi:

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