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What are Gedore Red Tools all About?

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I have been seeing Gedore Red tools online, and I’m not quite sure what to think about the sub-brand.

Gedore Red tools are significantly less expensive than ordinary Gedore tools, suggesting it’s their budget line of hand tools.

I took a look at Gedore’s official description and marketing language, and it’s a bit ambiguous. They talk about things like “smart approaches” and “clever solutions.” Language about the line being a “clever choice for professionals and DIYers” seems to sum everything up.

Over at Amazon, they have a Gedore 3/8″ 22pc 6-22mm metric tool set for $184, and a Gedore Red 3/8″ 59pc 6-24mm metric tool set for $95. That’s a big difference.

I have purchased a couple of Gedore tools before, usually from overseas sellers, and the quality is quite good and definitely up to professional standards.

So, what are Gedore Red tools all about? Are they worth looking at? If you’ve used Gedore Red tools before, how would you rate their quality? Is there anything differentiating them from the other lower priced mechanics tool brands?

I know that I should be answering questions rather than ask them, but I’m having trouble seeing the appeal here.

Why buy the Gedore Red mechanics tool set over say a Tekton 3/8″ 43pc 6-24mm metric tool kit, which is currently priced at $89 at Amazon?

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