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3 New Bosch 18V Profactor Cordless Miter Saws Launching in 2022

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Bosch Tools is launching 3 new 18V cordless miter saws in their Profactor system.

According to Bosch’s press release, the new miter saws allow “pros to find the right tool to match their project and budget needs.” Pricing information is not yet available.

The model numbers for the 3 new saws are GCM18V-12SD, GCM18V-10SD, and GCM18V-07S. Bosch press materials explicitly mention a 12-inch miter saw, and by the model numbers I assume the other saws have 10″ and 7-1/4″ blade sizes.

It is not yet clear whether these will all be axial glide miter saws, as shown in the single product image that was included with the press release.

All of the saws are said to feature Biturbo brushless motors, and allow “for fast smooth cutting demonstrating similar power to a cordless saw.”

Bosch Tools says:

At the core of this miter saw collection are features that increase accuracy, precision and provide a large cut capacity allowing for ease of custom piece creation.

I wish that Bosch would elaborate on this. What types of features increase the accuracy and precision of these saws?

While there are slight differences between the miter saws in this product line, the tools have been engineered with cut quality and consistency in mind for larger and smaller projects alike.

Features include:

High Power-PROFACTOR: Tool performance provides the strength and power to cut through the toughest of hardwoods. These tools are optimized for use on both CORE18V 8.0ah and CORE18V 12.0ah PROFACTOR batteries for optimal performance and runtime.

All 3 miter saws are part of the Bosch Profactor 18V cordless power tool lineup, and are optimized for use with their Profactor Core18V 8Ah and 12Ah batteries. I assume that this means the tools will work with Bosch’s other 18V batteries, but with reduced performance and runtime.

Tools Built with Accuracy and Precision in Mind: The miter saw’s built-in shadow LED cut line on the 12-inch model provides a tool adjustment-free cutline and its precisely centered sliding bars create a smooth and easy saw sliding motion while in use.

I’m more a fan of LED shadow cut line indicators than laser cut line indicators, and so this is a welcome feature change in my opinion.

From the press release language, only the 12″ miter saw has an LED shadow cut line indicator. I suppose this is one of the slight differences between models. Maybe this ties in with the announcement’s mention of “tool options at varying price points to align with [users’] budget needs.”

I asked Bosch Tools how else their new 12″ miter saw, GCM18V-12SD, differs from the 18V Profactor 12″ miter saw that came out last year, model GCM18V-12GDCN, and will report back.

Large Cut Capacity: The collection’s large working capacities can cut custom-size pieces with ease for small home projects to industrial worksites.

Bosch press materials don’t list the saws’ cut capacities. At this time, I still don’t know if these are sliding, non-sliding, or axial-glide hinged-arm-style miter saws. “Large cut capacity” that can “cut custom-size pieces with ease” doesn’t exactly provide any clues.

Accessory Compatibility: Each tool’s design allows for seamless blade usage, increasing the number of accessories that are compatible with the miter saws.

I must admit that I don’t quite know what they mean by this.

All of the 3 new miter saws will be bundled with an “8.0Ah battery kit.”

ETA: Winter 2022

I asked Bosch Tools for more information and am awaiting their response.

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