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New Dremel 20V Max Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

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Dremel has launched another new 20V Max cordless power tool, an oscillating multi-tool kit.

This is now Dremel’s second 20V Max cordless tool, with the first being the US20V Ultra-Saw that came out last year.

The new Dremel cordless Multi-Max oscillating multi-tool, model MM20V-01 for the kit, quietly launched on Amazon this week.


Dremel says that their new cordless oscillating multi-tool has an exclusive tool design, with a compact front end to get into the tightest corners and reduces hand drag. Their product listing also says that the angled-bodied tool design provides continuous comfort and improved control when flush cutting.

The Dremel MM20V has a knob-based tool-free accessory change system that looks to work with their existing blades and accessories.

There aren’t any details about universal or cross-brand accessory compatibility. I did find an online copy of the user manual, and it only talks about Dremel accessories. Based on this, I assume that you can only use Dremel-branded accessories and any other oscillating multi-tool accessories specifically made for Dremel Multi-Max tools.

The oscillating multi-tool operates at 10,000 to 21,000 OPM. It has a variable speed dial as well as separate on/off switch.

The tool comes with (1) 2.0Ah battery, a 1-hour charger, (3) cutting blades (including 1 carbide), and a dust extraction adapter.

Street Price: ~$140


The new Dremel MM20V has a familiar Multi-Max oscillating multi-tool design, with similar controls and blade clamp as their previous models.

Part of me is excited to see Dremel expand their 20V Max cordless power tool system, as this release effectively doubles their offerings.

But the other part of me wonders if this is a compelling entry.

Dewalt and Milwaukee both recently offered cordless oscillating multi-tool kits at $99 promo pricing during the 2021 holiday shopping season. The Dewalt is brushless, and both brands’ tools come with universal accessory adapters that work with other brands’ oscillating multi-tool accessories.

The Dremel MM20V is priced at ~$140 on Amazon ($136.43 at the time of this posting and subject to change), and $149 at other retailers that don’t currently have the kit in stock.


Also at Amazon, they have the Skil PWRCore 20V Brushless oscillating multi-tool kit, priced at $144.76 at the time of this posting.

The Skil tool has a brushless motor, vibration reduction system, and it comes with a fast charger than can bring the battery from 0 to 25% in 5 minutes, and a battery with a built-in USB port, giving it a secondary purpose as a power bank between projects.

Ironically, the Skil tool is compatible with universal accessories such as Starlock and OIS. OIS was designed by Bosch, and Starlock by Bosch and Fein. Bosch is and Dremel are owned by the same parent company.

The Skil also has a dual-LED worklight.

Dremel Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Multi-Tool MM20V-01 Evolution

Dremel’s banner says that the MM20V is the Evolution of Innovation. It might sound as a harsh criticism, but where’s the innovation here?

I understand that the tool’s angled geometry gives you more hand clearance when flush-cutting, but is that it?

I feel almost hypocritical for thinking this, because I felt the opposite about Dremel’s other new release, their 8260 “smart” cordless rotary tool. With the new rotary tool, I like the idea of the separate built-in tool and battery temperature gauges. But am I – or most users – really going to dig into a smartphone app to adjust speed settings or check battery charge capacity? Is that too much “innovation?” The brushless motor does increase the rotary tool’s appeal, though.

Am I wrong for feeling underwhelmed here? I almost wish that this was a “smart” tool too. At the least, a brushless motor would have been appreciated, not to mention a universal blade clamp interface.

I hate feeling sour about new tool releases, as I know a lot of time and effort go into their design, engineering, and perfection.

For a DIY-level cordless oscillating multi-tool kits, I’d really expect to see no less than a brushless motor and near-universal tool-free blade clamp at the $120 to $150 price point. I’m disappointed that we don’t seem to get that here.

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