New Ryobi 12V Cordless Rotary Tool

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Ryobi has a new 12V cordless rotary tool kit, model TVM01.

I should note that this is not the start of a new Ryobi 12V cordless power tool system; this tool appears to have built-in batteries. There are both pros and cons to this type of design.

Benefits include a smaller tool size, simpler charging – via USB-C – and lower cost. The downside is that users won’t be able to replace the battery down the road. Heavier tasks and bigger projects might also require users to take breaks while the built-in battery recharges.

But, if you’re okay with the pros and cons, it looks like Ryobi built a very convenient and compelling tool here.


To start, the Ryobi TVM01 cordless rotary tool has a variable speed dial – 5,000 to 35,00 RPM – and separate on/off switch.

Ryobi says this tool “gives users the power to cut, grind, and sand most materials with ease” and that it is “the ideal finishing tool for small tasks on the jobsite or in the home.”

They also say it is “ideal for the home improver, general contractor, or electrician looking for a handheld solution to accomplish any task.”


It has a spindle lock and tool-free quick change collet. That’s a big deal.

The kit also comes with wrench, but I can’t tell if it’s just for use with the screw mandrels or just in case you need more power to loosen or tighten the collet nut.


The kit comes with the tool, 3 attachments, and a 35pc accessory kit. The attachments include a cutting guide, 45° platform guide, and a lawn mower blade sharpening guide.

Note: The Ryobi comes with a USB-C cable, but you’ll need to source your own wall adapter.

The tool is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Price: $99

Compared to Dremel


Dremel’s 8220-1/28 kit is a 12V Max cordless rotary tool kit with (1) battery, a single cutting guide attachment, and 28 accessories.

Price: $99

The Dremel 8220 has the same speed range, 5,000 to 30,000 RPM, and an “EZ twist nose cap” for faster wrench-free accessory changes.

The Dremel has been around for nearly 10 years.


Dremel also recently came out with the 8260 rotary tool, a “smart” tool with Bluetooth connectivity and brushless motor. The 8260 kit comes with a single battery pack, charger, and only a couple of cut-off wheels plus a mandrel.

Price: $169


Ryobi has a couple of 18V cordless rotary tools and flex-shaft tools, for users who want longer runtime and the ability to swap batteries.

There will be some moans and groans about how this new 12V rotary tool has a built-in battery, but it seems like a good design compromise to me.

Ryobi’s new 12V cordless rotary tool will be available exclusively at Home Depot. Home Depot launched a Husky 12V 3/8″ cordless ratchet kit in late-2018, and this kit has reappeared every holiday shopping season since then, in Home Depot’s tool promos and gift center. It has a built-in battery.

For users that aren’t happy with this type of configuration, you have other options – other brands’ 12V-class rotary tools, as well as Ryobi’s 18V setups.

Ryobi has not yet listed the battery size, charging rate, or charging time for the new rotary tool, but we do know it charges via USB-C.

The rotary tool comes with 3 attachments, but it’s not yet clear whether it will also work with other brands’ attachments.

Ryobi says this tool has a 1/8″ collet, which is the standard size for rotary tools and most accessories. There is no indication as to whether other collet sizes (3rd party or otherwise) would be possible. The tool-free bit change mechanism might also preclude other collet sizes.

Overall, this looks to be a very versatile offering, and a well-thought-out kit at the right price.

Dremel has been the long-time leader in rotary tools, and it looks like Ryobi is trying their best to change this.

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