Dremel MaxLife Rotary Tool Diamond Cut-Off Wheel

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Dremel has a new 1-1/2″ “MaxLife” diamond wheel (EZ545HP) that fits their EZ-Lock rotary tool mandrels.

Here’s what they say about it:

Dremel’s line of Max Life high-performance rotary tool accessories provide long-lasting performance and impressive durability. Built to give you longer lasting, stronger performing, versatile accessories.

Dremel also says that it is engineered to last 3X longer, compared to their existing diamond wheel. The new Dremel 1-1/2″ diamond wheel is priced at $30, and the compared-to wheel is $28. If the claims hold, this new MaxLife cut-off wheel might be a significant upgrade.

This cut-off wheel is described as being “ideal for cutting in hard and abrasive materials, like marble, concrete, brick, porcelain, ceramics, hard epoxy, and soft or hardwood.” You’ll need different wheels for cutting ferrous metals or plastic materials.

Although Dremel references the new MaxLife accessory’s performance 3 times in one paragraph, they don’t actually say how or why this new diamond wheel is better, and I found that to be frustrating. So, I asked for more info.

Here’s what Dremel had to say:

The EZ545HP differs from the existing EZ545 as the diamond placement was optimized and selectively placed around the rim of the wheel in order to reduce heat build-up on the cutting edge.

An improved grade of diamond is being used on the EZ545HP when compared to the existing EZ545. These design improvements allow for the observed increase in life.

I asked for clarification about the “improved grade of diamond,” to which they added:

Through extensive benchmark testing of the EZ545 and prototype evaluations of the EZ545HP, we identified the optimal placement of diamond to maximize the cutting life of the accessory.”

Dremel was rather unspecific about how the diamond they use is an “improved grade.” I suppose that the new wheel runs stays cooler during cutting, and this greatly contributes to its extended longevity.

Dremel EZ545HP vs. EZ545 1-1/2″ Diamond Cut-Off Wheels

The EZ545HP also does not have holes in the face, a cooling feature present in the 545 and EZ545 diamond wheels.

Note: The MaxLife EZ545HP and EZ545 are both 1-1/2″ wheels, and the 545 is a 7/8″ wheel with standard screw-mandrel interface.

To me, Dremel’s new MaxLife cut-off wheel looks like a diamond grit version of their CBN rotary tool cut-off wheel, which came out nearly 8 years ago.

Dremel’s website contradicts their product listing and conventional wisdom, describing the diamond cut-off wheel as being:

Ideal for cutting a variety of materials including floor or wall tile, metal pipes, sheet metal or plastic.

Then again, the wheel itself does say multipurpose on it.

If you need a diamond rotary tool cut-off wheel for cutting abrasive materials, such as tile and other such materials, this one is just $2 more than the EZ545, and is said to be “engineered to last 3X longer.”

$2 isn’t much for the longevity improvement Dremel claims.

Price: $30

According to the Amazon listing, the cut-off wheel is made in China.

Key Specs

  • 1-1/2″ diameter
  • 0.023″ kerf
  • Max RPM: 35,000
  • EZ-Lock arbor required, not included

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