New Kobalt CaseStack Modular Tool Box System at Lowe’s

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Lowe’s Kobalt tool brand is coming out with their own modular tool box system, called CaseStack.

So far, Lowe’s has created product pages for 3 sizes of Kobalt CaseStack tool boxes – small and medium tool boxes, and a rolling tool box.

Kobalt’s product descriptions describe the tool boxes as being part of a full line of Kobalt modular storage boxes and accessories, suggesting that many more CaseStack products and add-ons are on the way.

The Kobalt CaseStack tool boxes feature metal wire latches, side latches for locking multiple tool boxes together in a stack, and IP65-rated resistance against dust and water.

Kobalt says that quick connect sliding locks expand modular storage, and that there are multiple accessory connection points for full customization.

The tool boxes are said to have a 21.25-inch “assembled width,” and 21.5-inches for the rolling tool box, which is close to the dimensions of professional power tool brands’ modular tool box systems. This suggests that Kobalt is seeking to compete with Ridgid, Dewalt ToughSystem, and Milwaukee Packout storage systems, as opposed to Tanos and Festool Systainers, or Bosch and Sortimo Sortainers.

Kobalt CaseStack Medium Tool Box


The medium tool box is said to measure 21.25″ wide x 14″ deep x 11″ tall, and has an 88 pound gear capacity.

Looking at the mid-section of the tool box, there are small projections at each corner, and these features appear to be the multiple accessory connection points that Lowe’s references.

Price: $49.96

Kobalt CaseStack Small Tool Box


The small Kobalt CaseStack tool box measures 21.25″ wide x 14″ deep x 7″ tall, and can hold up to 50 pounds of gear.

This “suitcase” style tool box has a front handle (but no top handle), and also looks to have multiple accessory connection points.

Price: $40.00

Kobalt CaseStack Rolling Tool Box


The Kobalt CaseStack rolling tool box measures 21.5″ wide x 17.2″ deep x 26.7″ tall (presumably including the collapsed handle length), and can hold up to 110 pounds of tools.

It features folding side handles, 8-inch all-terrain rubber-traded wheels, and a removable telescoping handle. There is also an easy-start slip-resistant foot pedal to help users tilt the box to start rolling.

Price: $80.00

Kobalt CaseStack 3pc Tool Box Combo


There is also a 3pc set that can hold up to 248 pounds of gear.

Price: $159.02


Around 10 years ago, I reviewed a new breed of one-touch single-latch tool boxes for a magazine. One of those Pro-brand tool boxes had docking ports at both ends, but there weren’t any accessories or add-ons that could connect to it. Months later, I spotted a nearly identical tool box at an outlet store under the same company’s DIY brand, and it had removable parts boxes attached to it.

Going back 20-24 years, I bought my first-ever tool box, and it had removable small parts organizes that docked to the lid.

Some modern day tool boxes also offer some way of organizing small parts and accessories.

Accessibility is important, and external mounting solutions can also free up valuable tool box space. There are more modular tool box systems today, as well as accessory cases and organizers, but there’s no singular all-encompassing solution.

We don’t know a lot about Kobalt’s CaseStack tool box system – yet, but its accessory attachment system looks to be a standout feature.

A jaded thought crossed my mind – do we need another modular tool box system? However, there is huge potential here. If Lowe’s and Kobalt extends CaseStack modularity to power tool accessories and maybe even small hand tool kits – and it sounds like they have exactly this in mind – that would give this system a distinct competitive advantage.

Might Kobalt start bundling their premium or pricier cordless power tool combo kits with CaseStack tool boxes? That would be a good way to promote it and facilitate adoption.

No other brand has a good way of combining a modular tool box system with small connectable tool and power tool accessory cases. Craftsman and Dewalt come close with Versastack/T-Stak and ToughCase, but only if you have a large accessory case as a bridge between systems.

Milwaukee Tool has done interesting things with their Packout system organizers and special accessory bundles, but there’s still no built-in compatibility between their tool box system and accessory cases.

Will Kobalt’s CaseStack tool boxes be better? That’s impossible to know right now. But, from how Lowe’s describes the tool boxes, and from the mounting features we can see in the product images, it definitely at least looks different, and in a good way.

Home Depot recently launched a new Ryobi Link system of modular tool boxes and wall-mounted garage storage products. As you probably know, Home Depot is Lowe’s top competitor, and Ryobi is essentially Kobalt’s parallel in multiple product categories. In the modular tool box arena, quality, breadth, and features are all important.

Walmart has a Hart modular tool box system, and Harbor Freight recently launched their Bauer tool box system.

The competition is heating up, and it looks like Lowe’s and Kobalt are bringing something new and different to the field.

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