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New Ryobi LINK Tool Boxes at Home Depot – First look

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Ryobi teased about their new LINK tool and garage storage system a couple of months ago, and recently launched their first wave of products. Ryobi LINK is a very broad system, with tool boxes, wall panels, accessory hooks, bins, and more.

Today, let’s talk a bit about the new Ryobi LINK tool box system.

As with other brands’ modular tool storage systems, you can buy Ryobi LINK tool boxes individually, or as part of a 3pc combo.

To start, Ryobi says that their LINK modular storage system will revolutionize the storage industry, giving you the ability to organize, access, and transport your life.

The LINK tool boxes are ~22″ wide, according to Home Depot’s specs, which makes them similar in size to other brands’ modular tool boxes.

Ryobi Link Tool Box Combo Rolling on Stairs

The Ryobi rolling tool box has a telescoping steel handle and 9-inch all-terrain wheels.

All of the LINK tool boxes are said to be waterproof and dust resistant to IP65 standard.

Ryobi LINK Tool Box Load Ratings

  • Small Tool Box (STM101): 50 lbs
  • Medium Tool Box (STM102): 80 lbs
  • Rolling Tool Box (STM201): 200 lbs
Ryobi Link Medium Tool Box STM102

The tool box latches appear to have plastic levers and steel wire loops. (If a similar design works well enough for Milwaukee Packout, it should work just fine for Ryobi.)

The boxes can be stacked and locked together, and are released with a “one-touch” button at the bottom.

Ryobi Link Tool Box Organizer Bins

Ryobi equips the LINK tool boxes with different organizer bins depending on the tool box size, and you can change the loadout if needed. The bins are fully compatible with Ryobi’s wall-mounted LINK system solutions.

What this means is that you can swap out nails, anchors, screws, or other components, and then put them back on the wall for convenient access when working in your garage or shop. This seems especially convenient.

At the least, it’s nice to be able to have different parts cups sizes and styles to choose from.

Ryobi Link Tool Box On-Board Bit Storage

Each tool box also has built-in screwdriver bit storage. It looks like you’ll have to buy Ryobi screwdriver bits, at least one time for the 1/4″ hex bit holders, if you want to make use of this feature.

Ryobi Link Tool Box Garage Wall Mount

The tool boxes are compatible with Ryobi’s LINK wall panels, which support up to 75 lbs per linear foot (presumably when mounted to wall studs).

Ryobi Link Tool Box Pricing

  • Small Tool Box: $45
  • Medium Tool Box: $55
  • Rolling Tool Box: $84
  • 3pc Combo: $183
  • *Tool Tote: $35
  • *4pc Combo: $218

* The tool tote and 4pc combo (3pc + tote) are not yet available.

It looks like you save $1 on the 3pc combo compared to purchasing everything separately.

Ryobi LINK tool boxes are said to be made in the USA with global materials.


This actually isn’t Ryobi’s first foray into the tool storage industry. They released a modular ToolBlox cabinet series overseas a few years ago, and have offered a couple of discrete products in the USA over the years.

I must admit, I am a little hesitant about the LINK series.

Ryobi launched a modular garage door opener system, and it has since been completely discontinued.


Is Ryobi LINK an experimental product system at Home Depot, or do they have a 5-year (or longer) roadmap of new tools and products in the works?

But, it also looks like Ryobi and Home Depot put together a good launch lineup.

I’m surprised and a little impressed with the tool boxes’ load ratings.

Harbor Freight recently launched a new Bauer modular tool box system. The Bauer 3pc-equivalent system, with small, medium, and rolling tool boxes, is priced at $140. The Bauer load ratings are 25lbs, 50lbs, and 60lbs, respectively.

The Ryobi LINK 3pc combo set, with small, medium, and rolling tool boxes, have load ratings of 50lbs, 80lbs, and 200lbs, respectively.

It looks like Ryobi designed their LINK tool boxes for abuse.

Ryobi can do more with this system. Where’s the top organizer? Bottom rolling dolly?

I have NOT seen any Ryobi LINK products in person yet. Their load ratings make me optimistic, but I can’t help but keep in mind that Ryobi is known for value pricing. The brand sometimes compromises on features or quality. Although they often do this in smart ways, a compromise is a compromise. What’s the compromise here?

Home Depot and Ryobi have priced the LINK tool boxes quite a bit higher than I would have expected.

However, I thought the same about their 18V HP brushless cordless power tools, and was recently pleased and impressed with how aggressive Home Depot has been with their holiday 2021 pricing.

I expect to see the Ryobi LINK system soften in price a bit 6 months from now when Home Depot rolls out their Father’s Day promos.

It will also be interesting to see how Ryobi LINK tool boxes fit in with other modular tool storage systems at Home Depot.

Here’s their current competition within Home Depot:

  • Husky Connect
  • Ridgid Pro Tool Storage
  • Dewalt ToughSystem
  • Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0
  • Milwaukee Packout

Looking at the big picture, this will surely prompt increased competition from Ryobi and Home Depot competitors. What do you think that Craftsman and Lowe’s will do, to avoid giving up any market share?

What’s your take on the Ryobi LINK tool boxes? What about the broader Ryobi LINK system?

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