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Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun Review

Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun Works in Tight Spaces Without Sacrificing Strength

The Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun has a very unusual design compared to most caulk guns. We wanted to know what kind of strength it has along with whether its advantages make it worth buying. So we loaded up some of our favorites and got to work.


  • Rodless design fits in smaller spaces
  • Simple plunger reset
  • Belt hook included
  • Integrated tip cleaner
  • More comfortable handle design than most caulk guns


Using the Ox Pro Rodless Caulk Gun

There’s no question Ox’s rodless design is very different than most caulk guns on the market. With each trigger pull, you advance the plunger on the end of what’s essentially a really stout tape measure blade.

Our main concern when we started testing was whether the blade could push some of the toughest sealants we use without buckling. We loaded up some OSI Quad Max sealant, leaving the tip with only a small opening. Despite the incredible thick consistency and small opening, the pusher had the strength to apply it.

That’s not the ideal use for this gun, though. With a 7:1 thrust ratio, it’s better suited for latex and silicon. Still, it’s nice to know the mechanism is stronger than it needs to be.

To reset the plunger, press the silver release on the back and send the black pusher on top of the tool to the front. It’s a very easy reset process.

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