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rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil is on Sale (12/13/21)

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Amazon has a “Sharpie, Expo, PaperMate & more” promo today, (12/13/21), and the rOtring 800 mechanical pencil stood out to me, as it is typically a LOT more expensive than this.

Only the black barrel 0.5mm size is on sale.

Price: $24.99 (reg. ~$53-55)

The deal ends at 3am ET 12/14/21 unless supplies sell out sooner.

Should You Buy it?

If the rOtring 800 is on your wishlist, you probably already clicked the “buy” button and ordered it. And if not, you should definitely stop reading this and go do that now in case supplies are limited.

If you have been wanting to buy a rOtring 800 and haven’t because of the price, $25 seems like a heck of a good deal, given that it typically sells for more than twice the amount.

But if you’re reading this and thinking what’s a rOtring?, maybe this isn’t for you. If you get into mechanical pencils, you can always get a rOtring 600 for just a little more than $25, depending on size and color.

Although it’s not a great price right now, I always recommend the Pentel GraphGear 1000 and Staedtler 925 series pencils.

Buy Pentel GraphGear 1000 at Amazon
Buy Staedtler 925 Pencil at Amazon

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