Amazon Basics Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades – is This a Deal?

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I tend to be very particular about power tool accessories, especially oscillating multi-tool blades. Over at Amazon, they have a 50-pack of carbon steel wood-cutting blades on sale for $27 and change, and I can’t tell if this is a deal or not.

The blades come out to be around 54 cents each, compared to the $6-10 I usually spend on quality brand-name blades.

Amazon Basics says that these can be used on wood or plastic. They’re fairly basic in appearance, and feature a 1-3/8″ cutting edge.

The interface also looks to be near-universal, and can fit most brands except for Starlock-equipped tools, the Bosch MX30, and Bosch quick-release tools.

I know that readers are split on their stances regarding oscillating multi-tool blades. Some of you have brand-name preferences, and others are of the opinion that they’re all the same and that any brand will work just as well.

I’d say that carbon steel is a level lower than bi-metal, with carbide-tooth blades above that. But at around 54 cents a blade, are these worth trying?

These are a new release, and look to be priced considerably lower than the other generic blade brands sold on Amazon. I wonder if this is a way to entice sales and reviews before regular pricing kicks in.

If you have used these or similar OMT blades before, what are your thoughts?

Price: $27.13 (as of the time of this posting

What would I buy instead? Bosch Starlock carbide-tooth blades. Starlock blades can work in many other brands’ oscillating multi-tools, and carbide teeth last so much longer in touch cutting applications. Should I try basic generic blades for cutting wood or other such materials? Maybe, but I haven’t been convinced yet.

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