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Many Craftsman Brushless Power Tools are on Clearance at Lowe’s

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One or two cordless power tools on clearance at a retailer would not be surprising.

But when there are at least 7 SKUs including multiple types and categories of tool, and at a brand’s near-exclusive retailer? This has me wondering what’s going on.

Lowes Craftsman Brushless Cordless Power Tools Clearance Group 1

The clearance includes bare tools and kits.


That’s strange – why are there numerous Craftsman V20 brushless cordless power tools on clearance at Lowe’s right now?

These are the Craftsman brushless tools that are marked as on clearance and unavailable for online purchase right now:

  • Reciprocating saw
  • Circular saw
  • Impact wrench
  • Drill/driver
  • Angle grinder
  • 2-tool combo kit
  • Hammer drill
  • Impact driver

Also, while there are many different drill and impact driver SKUs, where few shoppers will notice if a couple of SKUs are no longer available, the same is not true for the other core tools – the circular saw, reciprocating saw, and angle grinder.

Is Craftsman coming out with new models? Are these Craftsman brushless power tools not selling well enough? Is Lowe’s shifting their focus towards other brands’ brushless offerings, such as from Kobalt, FLEX, Skil, Metabo HPT, or Dewalt?

This is peculiar, and with Lowe’s as Craftsman’s primary retail and online sales partner, there’s likely significance to this.

Why do you think Lowe’s has clearanced out so many different Craftsman brushless products?

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