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Gerber Splice Pocket Multi-Tool

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The Gerber Splice is a mini keychain-sized multi-tool that’s packed with 10 different tools and functions.

To my surprise, it looks like this Gerber multi-tool has been around for quite a few years, and it somehow flew under my radar for all this time.

The Splice’s main tool are scissors, which are accessed by fully opening the tool.

On the outside (with the Splice closed), the Splice has two knife blades, a bottle opener, and different screwdriver sizes.

I at first thought this was a variation of the Gerber Dime, but the Splice appears to be its own completely different tool. It turns out that there’s a pliers version as well, the Vise Pocket Tool

I am absolutely sold on keychain-sized multi-tools for times when you can’t easily carry a larger multi-tool or individual full-sized tools.

Victorinox has been my go-to for compact pocket carry, and Leatherman has some great options as well. That the Splice has scissors for the primary tool raises it up a notch or two in my eyes, as smaller scissors are typically vastly more useful than comparatively sized pliers.

I’ve had good experiences with smaller Gerber multi-tools before, but this one is new to me.

The Splice looks like it could have evolved from the Gerber Shortcut multi-tool, an older keychain-sized tool with scissors as the primary function. It’s Shortcut multi-tool that I have in mind when mentioning great past experiences with Gerber.

It seems that Amazon has the Splice on sale right now for the holidays, although I’m not having an easy time finding its regular price. Its sibling tool is priced at $18.56, and so it might be safe to assume the Splice is regularly priced the same or thereabouts.

Price: $14.07 (as of the time of this posting)

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