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FLEX is Coming Out with a Stacked Lithium Power Tool Battery

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FLEX is coming out with new cordless power tool battery technology – a STACKED Lithium battery pack that will be compatible with their 24V Max platform.

When Flex introduced their new line of pro-grade 24V Max cordless power tools earlier this year, they hit the ground running, launching a broad selection of high-performance and premium-featured tools.

Full details are not yet available, but I thought readers might appreciate an early look.

Flex Cordless Power Tools Battery Advantage
Product page image detailing Flex traditional Lithium battery advantages.

Even at the start, Flex advertised that their cordless power tool battery tech delivers 20% more power, 25% longer runtime, and up to 50% faster charging.

In fact, Flex says that their 24V Max platform can deliver power that’s up to 20% higher than anything you’ve experienced.

Flex is currently a ToolGuyd sponsor, and we have had a media relationship with their parent company for over 10 years now. From what I have seen over the years, Flex’s product managers and engineers are very experienced – and successful – at developing new cordless power tool technologies and innovations.

Now, what do you think is going to happen when Flex comes out with this new STACKED LITHIUM cordless power tool battery?

FLEX Stacked Lithium Features and Advantages

You might be asking why is this important? Here are some of the advertised benefits of pouch-style stacked Lithium battery packs compared to traditional Lithium batteries:

  • Faster charging
  • Longer life
  • More power

It’s not just about the battery cell form factor, but also the power tool battery tech and experience that Flex brings to the table.

Power IQ will feature intelligent power management to enable higher discharging for unrivaled power.

Therma-Tech+ Heat Management will help keep the batteries run cooler under load.

The “Flex Stacked Lithium Advantage” is said to outperform lithium, unleashing power that changes everything.

Flex is not the only cordless power tool brand to be working on pouch-style battery packs – Dewalt recently launched a new 20V Max PowerStack battery.

Different brands can utilize the similar battery cell form factors and technologies in different ways. Flex’s new tech promises to unleash power that changes everything, and this hints at what they are hoping to accomplish.

Flex Stacked Pouch Cordless Power Tool Battery

Will Flex’s new Stacked Lithium battery deliver “power that changes everything?”

Seeing as how Flex’s sibling company – EGO – had a big hand in reshaping the entire modern cordless outdoor power tool industry, I think that the next couple of months are going to be very exciting.

I cannot wait to see what Flex’s new battery tech can do, or what kinds of further cordless power tool innovations it will pave the road for.

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