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Here’s How to Get the Craftsman VersaStack Bluetooth Radio for Half Off

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The Craftsman V20 VersaStack Bluetooth radio is adapted from the Dewalt 20V Max TStak Radio, which is an awesome music player.

The only downside about the Craftsman Bluetooth radio and music player is its $199 price tag. Here, we’ll discuss how to get your hands on one for just $99.

First, hit up the product page and make note of where’s it’s available for Free Store Pickup. Do NOT add it to your cart at this time. Here’s the link:

Okay, now that you can see where it’s in stock, make sure to change your store selection accordingly. If you don’t do this, Lowe’s shopping cart will add a $79 freight delivery fee to your order, or at least that’s what I’ve been seeing.


Next, hit up the Craftsman V20 starter kit product page and add it to your cart, but not before selecting the radio as your “free gift.”

(The starter kit comes with a 4Ah battery and charger.)

Tap or click on the “select your free gift” button, and add both the starter kit and VersaStack radio to your cart with the “add to cart” button.

Your starter kit and free radio should now be in your cart for the $99 price of the starter kit. Piece of cake.

Thank you to Tom for the heads-up!

Lowe’s also offers a freight shipping option, where you can get the radio and starter kit delivered to you for a fee. For my zip code, I’m seeing a $79 delivery fee. A couple of stores in my area have the music player in stock, and luckily yours does too. But if your selected store doesn’t have it in stock, the freight fee is tacked on automatically.

It’s not very straightforward to take advantage of this deal if your closest or selected store doesn’t have the radio in stock, hence the odd step by step way I wrote out the post.

It looks like you can select in-store pickup for the radio and free shipping or pickup for the starter kit, so you can mix and match fulfillment. But if you have to go to the store to pick up the radio anyway…

Similarly, Lowe’s has a really good deal on Dewalt’s 20V Max cordless 1/4 sheet sander, where you buy the special buy kit for $99 and get a second bare tool sander for free. What’s the catch? It seems that no stores in my area have the sander kit in stock, and so freight delivery is the only option, attaching a $79 fee on top of everything. I’m mentioning this in case anyone can find a workaround.

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