Dewalt DW735X Planer – this is the Lowest Black Friday 2021 Price I’ve Seen so far

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Several readers have been looking for Black Friday 2021 deals on the Dewalt DW735X planer kit.

This bundle comes with the DW735 planer, plus infeed and outfeed tables and a set of replacement blades.

Historically, Black Friday and holiday pricing has varied from $499 to $575, depending on the year.

This year, I have been told that $699 is the new list price for this kit. At the time of this posting, Amazon has the planer kit for $616, Blain’s has it for $579 + shipping, and Home Depot has it for $679.

At the time of this posting, Acme Tools has a hidden price of $609, and if you use 11/17/21 flash sale coupon code YELLOW40, you save an extra $40.

Sale Price: $569 w/ free shipping

As an aside, Rockler is the only retailer to offer a deal on the DW735X planer + mobile stand so far this year. They have it for $679 + $50 freight, or $729. There’s a chance other retailers’ deals will also be a “DW735X + free stand” promo this year instead of a big discount on just the planer package.

If you were hoping to buy the Dewalt planer kit this holiday season, you now have a tough choice to make. Do you take advantage of this sale price, or do you hope for an even better deal?

Looking at ToolGuyd’s archives, the promo price was $499 for the past 3 Black Fridays in a row. In earlier years, $549 or $524 with a seasonal $25 off $100+ coupon was the then-lowest pricing I’ve seen.

For added context, the planer by itself is $592 at Amazon as of the time of this posting.

Is $569 a good price for the DW735X bundle? Yes. Is this the lowest price we’ll see for Black Friday 2021 or even Cyber Monday?

Acme Tools offers free shipping on the planer, and they have a 30-day low price guarantee (make sure you read and understand the fine print).

Last year, I skipped on a Black Friday deal on a big ticket item (a Kamado-style grill) because there was a better deal a few months prior (March 2020). So, I passed on that Black Friday deal thinking I would get a better deal just a couple of months later. There was no better deal. Now, there’s another Black Friday deal, and I’m probably going to take advantage of it this time.

You have to do some risk analysis here. $499 is the lowest price we’ve seen in recent years. Right now, raw materials and component prices are up, shipping fees are up, freight is slower and also more expensive. Are we going to see that $499 price this year? Objectively, the chances are not good.

Looking at the broader industry, there are far fewer deals on woodworking machinery this year. Where’s the traditional 10% promo on Powermatic or Jet tools? Where are the portable table saw deals? Miter saws?

With today’s flash sale coupon offer, the price is $569. What price might you have to pay if this is really the best deal of the season and you miss it, vs. how much extra savings could you realistically expect to save if you buy this now and there’s a better deal next week?

I have reviewed several retailers’ published and unpublished Black Friday sales flyers and deals lists, and so far the DW735X has NOT appeared on any of them. It could still be a surprise deal of the day.

It’s a gamble.

I’m saying all this because this could be the best deal on the DW735X this year, or a better price might be on the horizon.

Acme Tools has a 30-day low price guarantee, and this increases the chance that you’ll be able to get the best possible price, even if this isn’t it.

But, I also don’t know how I would advise myself on this. For low and mid-priced items, I “buy first, think later” and hold onto the receipt. For a higher priced item like this, and given its heavy weight, you can’t exactly do a “return-rebuy” if somehow the low price guarantee doesn’t work out (such as if future coupons are the only way to get best deal).

Black Friday always brings a lot of surprises, but I’m not confident there will be a better deal on this planer. But, I’m also not confident this is the best deal possible right now.

Good luck with your decisions – Acme’s $40 extra coupon savings are only valid today (11/17/2021)/.

I’m eager to hear whether you will (or would for those not looking to buy this) buy now or decide to wait.

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