Kobalt LED Neck Light at Lowe’s is a New Take on Hands-Free Illumination

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Lowe’s has Kobalt LED neck light on display in their Black Friday 2021 deals and gift center. It promises hands-free and hassle-free illumination, and without the “irritation or stress to your forehead.”

The Kobalt neck light is essentially composed of two flashlights that can be independently aimed. The online description says this range is up to 70°, and the in-store display says that the light heads can pivot up to 90°.

Kobalt LED Neck Light Head Placement Example

Kobalt says that you can aim the two lights in different directions, to widen the range of light, or point them down to light up whatever you’re working on.

The Kobalt neck light is said to be “perfect for working in both close quarters and long distance applications up to 30 meters.”

The light is water resistant to IPX4 standards (according to the packaging). There are two brightness modes – high (210 lumens) and low (105 lumens).


The Kobalt neck light is powered by 2xAA batteries. I did not see any published runtime claims.

This looks to be a new introduction for the 2021 holiday shopping season. In other words, if you want one, buy it quickly, as there’s no telling if it will be available after initial supplies sell out.

Price: $19.98


There are generally two types of headlamps – compact and lightweight headlamps, and larger bulkier types with larger external battery packs.

Headlamps like the Petzl Tikkina ($19.95 at Amazon) or Tikka ($29.95 at Amazon) offer a great balance between functionality and comfort. You can go smaller and lighter, but the price tends to go up.

Headlamps are convenient because they move with your head. But, it can also be convenient to move a hands-free light somewhere else, such as around your neck.

I spotted the Kobalt LED neck light at a local Lowe’s, and while it looked a little bulky, it also looks very convenient. I think this is going to be one of those rare holiday tool gift ideas that recipients actually use.

Kobalt also has a rechargeable neck light, but at double the price.

EZRed LED Neck Light

See Also: EZ Red LED Neck Light

Price: $24-25

The EZ Red neck light is similar, but with slightly lower max brightness (200 lumens vs. 210 for the Kobalt).

This one advertises 4 brightness modes, but it seems that the different modes simply reflect different combinations of low or high brightness settings for left and right lights.

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