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Crescent Z2 Pliers – Home Depot Black Friday 2021 Tool Deals

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There is a new Crescent Tools holiday season promo at Home Depot stores and online, with special buy pricing on select Z2 pliers sizes.

Crescent Z2 pliers, as the promotional display advertises, are their BEST cutting pliers. The Z2 series tools feature laser-hardened cutting edges for longer life, high-leverage pivots for easier cutting, and aggressive cross-hatched grooves on the pliers jaws for higher gripping and pulling strength.

Crescent – a ToolGuyd sponsor – sent over a sample set of their Z2 pliers and cutters a couple of months ago. I mentioned the pliers here a couple of times, and have been using them as part of my kit for various cutting, pulling, bending, and grabbing tasks. So far, I’ve been quite happy with their performance.

At these Black Friday 2021 promo prices, $14.97 each, I couldn’t resist – I bought another pair of diagonal cutters to start, and I might head back to my Home Depot store for more.

Crescent and Diablo Black Friday 2021 Tool Haul

The photo shown here is from my “Day 1 haul”, the tools I bought on my initial outings while scouting out the holiday promotions at several Home Depot and Lowe’s stores. I bought two Crescent Z2 pliers – diagonal cutters and Auto-Bite adjustable pliers (which I found in the regular pliers aisle) at Home Depot, and a new NailSlicer circular saw blade at Lowe’s.

I really like the Crescent Z2 pliers, and this sale pricing made it hard to resist buying another pair for personal use.

I own many different brands, shapes, and sizes of diagonal cutters, and have been using the Z2s in my workshop for various soft and harder wire (and small nail) cutting tasks. The reduced cutting effort has provided great experiences so far. I never really fully integrate test samples into my personal tool kit, as the goal is always to eventually give them away, and so I wanted a personal pair.

These Z2 long nose, lineman, and diagonal pliers and cutters are regularly priced at ~$21 for the as-pictured versions with cushion-grip handles. While I do feel this is appropriate for the quality, competition is very fierce at this price point.

At $14.97, I’m the proud new owner of Z2 diagonal cutters, and I’m thinking I’ll get it another Z2 friend or two at my next trip to Home Depot. I feel this is a fantastic price for great pliers.

I know that Crescent is proud of their effort and results on the Z2 pliers and cutters, and after using these, I agree that they have every reason to be.

I cannot tell you if these will be a good buy for your needs and wants, but they were a great buy for me.

As of the time of this posting, Home Depot has (temporarily) disabled online ordering. This is typical in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Check back, or find them at your local Home Depot store. There should be a promotional display in the main aisle or gift center, with additional selection in the tool aisle.

If you check them out, please let me know what you think!

Crescent Z2 Diagonal Cutters with Features Description

Crescent Z2 8″ High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers – $14.97

Crescent Z2 Long Nose Pliers

Crescent Z2 8″High Leverage Long Nose Pliers – $14.97

Crescent Z2 Linemans Pliers

Crescent Z2 9-1/2″ High Leverage Linesman Pliers – $14.97

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