Klein Tools Black Friday 2021 Deals

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We came across a couple of Klein Tools Black Friday deals for 2021, and they’re both pretty compelling.

There are two “special buy” bundles – a voltage detecting and testing kit, and a screwdriver bundle set. The included tools are a bit different (and more premium from what I can) than previous years’ deal bundles. As usual, they’re both really good values.

In addition to these special holiday season tool bundles, there are two new discount offers. If you come across any other Klein Tool promos, please let us know in comments!

Klein Tools – Buy More, Save More

Klein Tools Black Friday 2021 Tool Deals at Home Depot Buy More Save More

Home Depot has a new “buy more, save more” deal on Klein Tools. It’s definitely worth a look, although there are only 16 eligible items at the moment.

  • $7 off $70+
  • $15 off $100+
  • $30 off $150+
  • $50 off $200+

You get the maximum savings when you just meet each tier’s spending threshold, with equivalent discounts from 10% up to $25%.

Klein Tools – Save $7 off $70+

Klein Long Nose Pliers with Yellow Handles

Amazon has a similar promo, and they say there are more than 200 qualifying SKUs.

Klein Tools 3pc Screwdriver Set – $19.88

Klein Tools Black Friday 2021 Tool Deals at Home Depot Screwdriver Bundle

This is one of the few times in history where a brand’s “$X in value” claims are spot-on. Klein says this set gives you $34 in value for $20. If you were to buy the screwdrivers separately at Amazon, it’d set you back nearly $36.

I’ve purchased the 4-in-1 screwdriver and used variations of the full-size and stubby screwdrivers before, all with great results so far. I’d be all over this if I didn’t already have a drawer and tool bag full of Klein multi-bit screwdrivers.

If you need a couple of good multi-bit screwdrivers, this set covers the full gamut at a great price.

Klein Tools 3pc Voltage and GFCI Outlet Tester Kit – $29.88

Klein Tools Black Friday 2021 Tool Deals at Home Depot Tester Kit

Here’s another example of a brand hitting the nail on the head with their value claims. This set comes with a voltage tester, non-contact voltage tester with built-in flashlight, and a GFCI receptacle tester with large backlit LCD display. It would cost you ~$59 to pick up the same combination of tools from Amazon.

As with the screwdriver bundle, this is a good buy if at least 2 of the 3 tools are already on your shopping list.

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