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New Makita 18V X2 Cordless Kettle for Instant Noodles & More

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Makita has a new 18VX2 (36V/40V Max equivalent) cordless water kettle (KT360D), which can heat up to 0.8L (~27oz) of water at a time.

It does take a lot of energy – Makita says that the kettle can boil up 0.8L of room temperature water when powered with 2x 3.0Ah fully charged 18V batteries, and up 1.7L when powered with 2x 6.0Ah batteries, which means just 1 or 2 full boiling cycles are possibly before you have to swap batteries.

Users will have to be mindful about their battery selection, but 27 ounces of water is still a decent amount for ramen noodle cups, instant coffee, or tea.

Maktia Cordless Kettle Applications

The kettle has a stainless steel interior and insulated exterior, to help keep the heated water warmer for longer. The base station has a convenient carry handle, and users are advised against carrying it around with hot water.

Makita already has a cordless coffee maker, now in its second generation. This cordless kettle doesn’t replace that product, it complements it.

Makita’s marketing mainly shows the kettle being used to prep instant noodle soup bowls and instant coffee, and you could of course use it for other types of food and beverages.

The kettle will be available in blue and white.

Price: $19,800 yen (~$174 USD) for the bare tool

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Makita Intro Video


This seems like an interesting product, although I wonder why Makita doesn’t just come out with a cordless battery-powered generator that can be used to power corded water kettles or compact coffee makers.

You can use it for more than instant noodles or coffee, such as for instant oatmeal.

The kettle seems to require a dedicated pair of batteries, but that’s to be expected.

It’s unclear as to whether this will launch in the USA. In the meantime, you can buy Makita’s coffee maker on Amazon for ~$102 right now (link above). There’s also another option if you want to bring hot food to the jobsite – pack a Thermos.

Thank you to Cody for the heads-up!

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