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Woodpeckers RackBit Router Bit Storage System

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Quality router bits deserve a safe storage space and shouldn’t be thrown loose into a box or drawer — the carbide edges are easily chipped or broken. Replacing a good router bit can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 (or more), and so it pays to spend a little bit of time or money to ensure they are kept in good shape.

Woodpeckers’ RackBit system aims help you better organize and protect your router bits, while also making them easily accessible. It consists of two parts: molded bases that hold each individual router bit, and a powder-coated steel rack that can hold multiple bases.

The RackBit bases have a special two-level spring-loaded design that can hold either 1/4″ or 1/2″ shank router bits securely. The bases either slide into the end of the rack or can be inserted anywhere in the middle of the rack by tilting the base and dropping it in. This also allows the bits to be re-arranged easily as they can still slide about when in the rack.

Woodpeckers Rackbit Routerbit Base Closeup

If you don’t want to store your router bits on a rack out in the open, Woodpeckers offers just the bases so you can create your own organizational scheme.

Woodpeckers Rackbit Routerbit Bases in Custom Drawer

Woodpeckers estimates that the RackBit system will start shipping around January 31, 2022. They are offering pre-sale pricing, in bold, ending 10/24/2021. After that time the pricing will be what is shown in the parentheses.

  • 6-pack of bit bases $7 ($8)
  • 24-pack of bit bases $20 ($22)
  • 9″ RackBit rail + 6 bases $20 ($22)
  • 18″ RackBit rail + 12 bases $35 ($40)
  • 27″ RackBit rail + 18 bases $50 ($55)

Woodpeckers RackBit products are made in the USA. It does not look like the rails will be available separately, but this could change if there’s enough demand for it.

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The question is: do you store your router bits out in the open on a rack, or safely in a drawer to keep them from cluttering up your area? On one hand, it is nice to be able to quickly see all your bits at once without opening a case or drawer, but at the same time — who has the wall space to openly display all their bits? I like that this system is adaptable and designed to address different storage preferences and setups.

I also like the design of the bit bases — how the same base can accept both common router bit sizes, so you don’t need to purchase separate parts or size adapters.

Half Inch Shank Router Bit Storage Case

In contrast, I store my router bits in one of two ways. The first is in a custom blow-molded case that came with a set of 1/2 shank bit I purchased. One advantage of this method is that there are easily identifiable labels and pictures of the profile under the bit. Another is that I can grab the case and have pretty much any bit I need — unless I forgot to put some back.

One disadvantage is that the bits aren’t logically organized. For instance, the straight bits are together, but why aren’t the cove and round-over bits next to each other? One more disadvantage is that the case takes up extra space in the drawer that I keep it in. Finally, if I buy any additional router bits, there’s no room for them here.

Kaizen Foam Router Bit Storage

The second way I store router bits is by using a piece of Kaizen Foam with 1/4″ and 1/2″ holes drilled in a grid pattern. It’s simple, cheap, easy to reorganize, and compact. The downside is that it isn’t very portable.

While these ways are adequate for me, I’m always looking for better ways to store and find my accessories. If you are starting from scratch I think the Rackbit system might be a reasonably priced way to store your router bits.

Woodpeckers RackBit Intro Video

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