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New Trend 18V Cordless Power Tool System

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Trend has announced that they are soon launching a new cordless power tool system, which they’re calling T18S.

In case you are not familiar with the brand, Trend makes a range of woodworking accessories, such as the AirShield, an air circulating face shield.

At least as far as I am aware, Trend is mainly in the woodworking and power tool accessories business, which is why it comes as a surprise that they’re launching a new line of cordless power tools.

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The initial announcement could provide some insights, so let’s take a look.

To start, the image above shows their new T18S battery surrounded by what looks to be the first wave of cordless power tools, with the title The Right Battery for the Job.

Trend T18S Cordless Power Tool Batteries

Indeed, the new system will launch with 3 battery packs – a compact 2Ah battery, a compact 4Ah battery built with 21700 Li-ion cells, and a 5Ah battery.

It looks like Trend’s first wave will include the following types of cordless power tools:

  • Miter saw
  • 1/4″ router
  • Circular saw
  • Biscuit joiner
  • Angle grinder
  • Impact Driver
  • Hammer drill
  • LED worklight
  • Sanders (3 types)

To my knowledge, Makita is the only brand to offer a cordless biscuit joiner, and so it’s interesting to see a new model

Trend Cordless Power Tool System - TXLi Banner

There’s a lot of new branding – the tools feature Trend Trinity Technology and also 18VTXLi battery tech, which stands for Trend Xpert Lithium-ion. It appears that the battery bears 18VTXLi branding, while the system of tools will be T18S. It’s clear that this is an 18V system.

Trend 18VTXLi Battery Trinity Technology

Okay, so T18S tools, TXLi batteries, and it’s is centered around Trend Trinity Technology.

Trend Cordless Power Tool System - Curated for Completion Banner

In this video thumbnail, Trend advertises that the T18S cordless range has been Curated for Completion. Here we see the same collection of tools as above.

Trend T18S Cordless Power Tools 65 Years Still

The T18S system is said to be A System 65 Years in the Making. It’s unclear what this means – was Trend established 65 years ago?

Trend Trinity Technology Video Still

“Trend Trinity Technology” is a “3-tier system technology” that features high torque performance motors, longer lasting Lithium-ion batteries, and the “latest advanced electronics.”

Trend Trinity Technology Screenshot

Trend Trinity Technology is described as the harmonization of the 3 core elements that make up their cordless power tools.


It’s surprising to see Trend jump into this market, given when there’s so much competition. Although, Grizzly launched new 20V cordless power tools, and CAT recently launched a new line of 18V brushless power tools overseas. I suppose there is always room for more brands.

Who do you think makes these cordless power tools for Trend? There could be some clues in the tool designs and batteries, such as with the triangular-shaped fuel gauge indicators, but I don’t see parallels to known OEMs.

It’s unclear as to whether these tools will be available in the USA, or if they will only be available overseas via Trend UK.

I dug deeper and looked at more of Trend’s marketing materials, and I also watched some of their promotional videos. I am sure sure Trend is proud of their new cordless power tool system, and I can see some potential here, but at this point, I am going to excuse myself and simply end the post here.

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