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Don’t Miss this Bessey Parallel Clamp Deal (Ends 11/18/21)

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There’s an old adage that you can never have too many clamps, but sometimes I would rather have a few good clamps than a whole box of inferior clamps. For instance, a good set of parallel clamps makes gluing up a flat panel or a cabinet box a piece of cake. The problem is that parallel clamps aren’t cheap — most usually sell for more than $50 a clamp.

While still not cheap, Rockler is selling a set of 4 Bessey K Body REVOlution Parallel clamps (two 24″ and two 50″) for $180, and they’re also throwing in a pair of clamp extenders (KBX20). The retail price of this kit is somewhere between $220 and $242, which checks out because the clamps are usually $50 to $60 a piece and the extenders are $20.

These parallel clamps can exert up to 1700lbs of clamping force. Their throat depth is 3-3/4”, plus you can clamp on all four sides of their oversized clamp pads.

Bessy K Body REVOlution Parallel Clamp Hex Head

The handles are wide, making them easier to turn, and they also feature a 6mm hex socket for applying extra force.

Bessy K Body REVOlution Parallel Clamp Extenders

Using the included extender accessories, you can connect two clamps together for greater clamping capacity. To do this, start by removing the end clips and removeable clamp heads from two clamps. You then replace one of the removeable clamp heads in the opposite direction. Finally, you bolt both clamp ends in the clamp extender.

It looks like this deal runs until November 18th, 2021 as found on page 20 of Rockler’s October digital flyer.

Available: Thru November 18, 2021
Sale Price: $180

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Stuart’s Note: Parallel clamps are always on a lot of readers’ holiday season deal-scouting shopping lists. If you were looking to grow your parallel clamp collections, this is an excellent setup that mirrors the sizes many woodworkers use most. There are 3 points I want to add, but let me preface them with a reminder that ToolGuyd earns revenue from sales made via affiliate links, such as the one above.

1) I have been using Bessey K-Body parallel clamps for a couple of years now, most of them purchased but with test samples of the updated style mixed in, and they are excellent. I have never regretted buying this brand and style of parallel clamp. 2) This looks to be a great bundle deal, and I don’t think we’re going to see anything better over the holiday shopping season. 3) I have ordered bar and parallel clamps from different places, and have had better experiences with woodworking suppliers, such as Rockler, in how they package and ship tools like this.

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