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Wiha has an Outrageous New XXL3 Pro Tool Kit

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Wiha has come out with a new 93-piece XXL3 PRO tool set, and it’s outrageous in more than one way.

To start off, Wiha centered this kit around a hard shell tool case, and one that I’m not at all familiar with. It has large wheels and an extending handle, as well as fold-out legs.

Wiha XXL3 PRO Tool Box Open with Tools

Wiha says that there are over 100 pockets and storage compartments, for use with additional tools beyond the ones sold in this kit.

Wiha XXL3 PRO Tool Set Assortment

Here is a full list of what the 93pc tool set comes with:

  • 5pc PicoFinish Precision Screwdriver Set (26195)
  • 5pc Screwdrivers Set
    • SoftFinish Slotted Screwdriver 6.5mm x 100mm (30223)
    • SoftFinish Square Screwdriver #2 x 150mm (35802)
    • SoftFinish X Heavy Duty Slotted 8.0mm x 150mm (53027)
    • SoftFinish X Heavy Duty Slotted 12.0mm x 200mm (53040)
    • SoftFinish X Heavy Duty Phillips #2 x 100mm (53115)
  • 2 Multi-Bit Screwdrivers
    • 14-in-1 Stubby Multi-Bit Driver (38090)
    • 11-in-1 Multi-Driver (77891)
  • 4 Pliers
    • Classic Grip Long Nose Pliers 8″ (32621)
    • Classic Grip BiCut SuperCut 8.0″ (32636)
    • Classic Grip Auto Pliers 10.0″ (32637)
    • Classic Grip End Cutting Nippers 8.0″ (32659)
  • Hex Key Sets
    • 9pc Metric MagicRing Ball End Hex L-Key Set (66990)
    • 13pc Inch MagicRing Ball End Hex L-Key Set (66991)
  • 6pc Color Coded Magnetic Nut Setter Set (70486)
  • 35pc 1/4″ Ratchet and Bit Set (74996)
  • 7pc TerminatorRed BitBudy Set (76888)

Okay, so that’s 5 precision screwdrivers, 5 regular-size screwdrivers, 2 multi-bit screwdrivers, 4 pliers, 22 hex keys, 6 nutdrivers, a 7pc bit set, and a 35pc bit set.

I’ve gone over the list a few times, and I only count 86 tools. Are they counting the multi-bit screwdriver components as separate pieces?

When you add up all of these tools, the total price comes out to approximately $478, although I’m sure you can put together a similar kit at a lower price if you shop around.

For instance, Wiha USA sells the SAE hex key set for more than $54, but at least 2 retailers have it priced at $45. Or, consider the 35pc bit ratchet set, which is priced at nearly $70 via Wiha USA and ~$60 at Tool Nut. Wiha USA sells their 6pc nutdriver set for $50, Amazon has it for $30.

Tool sets are also often less expensive than the sum of their components, but for simplicity, let’s say that this set gives you between $400 and $478 in tools. How much do you think Wiha is charging for it?

Wiha USA says the list price is $1,099.96, and that their “Wiha Web Price” is $999.99.

Wiha XXL3 PRO Tool Set Assortment

I’m sorry, but does this look a thousand dollar tool kit to you?

That tool box, though…

Wiha XXL3 PRO Tool Box Open with Extended Legs

Wiha USA shows that you can use it as a step stool if needed.

Wiha XXL3 PRO Tool Box as Lunch Bench

And, with the legs folded out, it’s just the right height to give you a place to sit for your lunch break.

I’ve seen pricey mobile tool boxes before, such as Pelican’s 0450 tool case. There’s also the Stahlwille Jet Tool Trolley, which looks similar to the Pelican. Think about the type of mobile setup you could put together using $500 worth of Milwaukee Packout tool boxes and organizer!

Wiha doesn’t have any information on the tool box itself, and I haven’t seen anything like it prior to its inclusion in this tool set – have you?? – and so it’s hard to gauge how much value it contributes to the price of the set.

Some of Wiha’s other tool sets are premium-priced as well, but I was nonetheless quite shocked at the $1000 price tag here.

Does the rolling tool box make it all worth it? Maybe they’ll eventually offer it separately – I’m sure there’s demand in a robust technician tool box with fold-out legs, especially if it’s strong enough to double as a stepstool. However, it’s probably not a Wiha product.

I try to be understanding about tools sets aimed at professional and industrial users. Time is money, and many users or their purchasing managers can save a lot of time and effort in buying ready-to-go tool sets compared to purchasing tools and components individually.

Do you think there’s $1000 in value here?

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