Greenworks 60V X-Range Backpack Blower Review 2420902T

The Greenworks 60V X-Range Backpack Blower Has Gas Powered Blowers In The Crosshairs

The world of cordless yard implements is evolving rapidly and making strides to close the gap between gas and electric outdoor power equipment. The battle between power and efficiency is the biggest nut to crack and backpack blowers display that more than most outdoor equipment. We got our hands on the Greenworks 60V X-Range backpack blower to see how that battle is going in the Greenworks camp.


  • Blowing force that replaces residential gas backpack blowers
  • Impressive battery life
  • Shoulder and waist straps are very comfortable
  • Multi-position throttle handle
  • Runs at full power whether you use one or two batteries
  • Automatic battery switching


Greenworks X-Range Backpack Blower Performance


There are two battery bays on this blower. You only need one battery for it to work and it operates at full power with just one. Obviously, you get the best runtime with two and it automatically switches over once the first pack is depleted.

Greenworks X-Range backpack blower battery bay

Overall, the runtime on the X-Range backpack blower was better than we expected. With a single 8.0Ah X-Range battery, we ran continuously for a little over 37 minutes on high and 17 minutes with the turbo button engaged. With a second battery, expect closer to 116 minutes on high and 35 minutes on turbo.

If you have a larger area to blow (isn’t that why you’re looking at a backpack blower in the first place?), use the cruise control on the throttle and only kick it into turbo for stubborn debris to get the most out of your batteries.

Blowing Force

Greenworks specs a max air volume of 710 CFM and 160 MPH airspeed, very similar to the Greenworks Pro 60V 700 CFM blower. There’s no easy calculation to compare those values against other blowers, but Newton force gives us a number that shows us how much work a blower does. Along with their excellent run time, this blower produced 11.4N of force on high and 19.0N on turbo without the included concentrator nozzle.

Greenworks X-Range backpack blower blow force

While it didn’t quite touch the 20.0N mark of some of the top battery blowers, 19 is nothing to shake a stick at. To put that in context, homeowner backpack blowers start around 11N on the low end and 20N at the top and Greenworks covers that range well.

The power generated by this blower is enough to make quick work of yard debris, thick autumn leaves, and clogged gutters.

Noise Level

One of the toughest struggles we’ve observed is the desire for more power without sending the decibels through the roof. Using an SPL meter we clocked this blower at 80dB on high and 87dB on turbo (a-weighted, slow response measured from the operator’s ear). This is consistent with what we’ve seen from other cordless blowers and well below what gas blowers produce.

Greenworks X-Range Bacpack Blower Design Notes

Ergonomics and Controls

As backpack blowers go, the X-Range is pretty comfortable. The padded straps do a great job of shifting the bulk of the weight from your shoulders to your waist. It feels more like a hiking backpack as opposed to your kid’s school backpack. This design is more comfortable and reduces shoulder fatigue better than many of the backpack blower harnesses out there.

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