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Ergodyne Squids – Looped Tool Tether Attachments

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I came across Ergodyne Squids by accident, but they seem like a very useful product. You see, I was surprised by how popular a certain style of tool leash was, and I wanted to see if they had something similar here. I couldn’t find it, but I came to learn about the Ergodyne Squids in my search efforts.

Ergodyne isn’t the only brand making this style of tool tether, but their affordability (3 for $8) and ease of use captured my attention.

The Squids are fairly simple in construction. They feature a plated o-ring that is attached to a strip of webbing, and there is a loop of stretch cord with a barrel lock on the other end.

These Squids are said to have a maximum safe working capacity of 15 pounds.

Ergodyne Squids Tool Tail Attachment with Loop End Attached to Hammer

The Squids Tool Tails allow for retrofitting a tether attachment to different types of tools and equipment so that they can be secured when working at heights.

In the case of a hammer, the loop is secured around the handle, with self-adhering tool attachment tape used to keep it from coming apart.

Ergodyne Squids Self-Adhering Tape in Orange

Ergodyne sells this tape in gray and orange colors. They say you could also use cold shrink tool traps. Tape isn’t needed for hand tools that have large-enough lanyard holes for the loop to pass through.

As an aside, the type of knot is called a girth hitch knot. It is also called a lark’s head or cow’s hitch knot.

Ergodyne Squids Tool Tail Attachment with Loop End Belt Attachment

Alternatively, the Ergodyne Squids Tool Tails can also be used as anchor points on a belt, harness, or other such structure, with the o-ring accessible for clipping tools or accessories.

The standard length is 11″, and there is also an extended length version that measures 18″ long.

Pricing: $7.99 for (3) standard, $9.49 for (3) extended length

Buy Now: Standard | Extended Length via Amazon
Accessories: Self-Adhering Tape, Cold Shrink Trap

More Ergodyne Tethers via Amazon

What frustrates me is that this isn’t the first time I came across Ergodyne’s tool tether accessories. I learned and first wrote about them 4 years ago: Have You Used Ergodyne Tool Tethers or Lanyards?

In hindsight, upon seeing that I had written about the brand’s tether-retrofitting accessories before, I realize that my reaction was the same – that looks versatile and easy to use.

It seems to me that the “it’s too complicated” factor is the main reason more workers don’t tether their tools unless their organization is large enough to require it. This looks like a relatively easy and inexpensive way to start.

Lastly, with these Squids Tool Tails, you’ll also need a way to secure the o-ring to your gear, or your gear to the o-ring.

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