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Huskie Tools Series 7R Pro Line Tools Run On Milwaukee Batteries

Huskie Tools Expands 7th-Gen Hydraulic Tool Line Onto M18 Battery Platform

Huskie Tools makes equipment designed for Pros working in the utility trades. The Huskie Series 7R Pro Line includes 61 new battery-powered hydraulic tools. While that seems newsworthy, they also made the new lineup work with one of the most widely available battery platforms: Milwaukee M18 RedLithium batteries.

The Power to Choose

According to Nicholas Skrobot, CEO of Huskie Tools, “the power to choose” could not be a more appropriate message to their customers. After listening to customer requests and feedback, Huskie Tools engineered the Series 7R Pro utility tools. This lineup was designed for compatibility specifically with the Milwaukee M18 battery platform. With such a wide market presence, Milwaukee RedLithium packs make sense. Huskie gets an accessible and popular solution for their battery-powered cutting and compression tools.

Huskie Tools plans to launch the 61-tool Series 7R Pro Line throughout 2021. The line joins the 74 Makita-powered Series 7M Pro tools launched in 2019. Huskie Tools also has a lineup that runs on its own proprietary batteries. Altogether, this additional tool line brings the company’s battery-powered utility tool solutions to over 190. According to Dan Voss, Huskie Tool’s Product Development Director, this sort of accessibility is “why we’re the #1 choice of experienced lineman.”

Huskie Tools on Huskie Tools

I’ve been with Huskie Tools since the beginning, and we know what it’s like to use our tools in a driving rainstorm with thousands of families depending on you to restore their power. Or to have to twist and contort your body just to access an underground area that needs repair. That’s why we offer an extensive line of battery-operated hydraulic tools that are among the fastest, and most ergonomically designed and balanced on the market.

Roger Richter, Business Development Director

Where Can I Find the New Huskie Tools Lineup?

Huskie Tools does have outlets with specialized retailers and a market presence on Amazon. However, it might be best to get in touch with the Sales Team via the company website. You can reach out to them by clicking here. Or, to see the full lineup of Huskie Tools and products, check out their website.

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