New Leatherman Raptor Response Shears

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Leatherman has just announced new Raptor Response shears, heavy-duty folding scissors that can be used for a range of emergency or utility cutting tasks.

This is Leatherman’s second Raptor shears, with their original model – one of the best EDC scissors currently available – now being called the Raptor Rescue.

Compared to the Raptor Rescue, the new Leatherman Raptor Response shears are said to be lighter, more compact, and they’re also slightly less expensive.

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears Cutting Medical Wrap

The Raptor Response shears feature micro-serrated cutting edges, to help prevent slipping or binding when cutting fabrics.

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears Used in Wilderness

Like the Rescue model, the Raptor Response is also designed for emergency situations. it features a ring cutter, ruler, oxygen tank wrench, and pocket clip.

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears Carried by EMT in Pocket

The shears have blunt tips – similar to traditional trauma shears – and can fit the scissor and shears pocket built into many styles of EMS pants.

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears Being Folded by User

Like the Rescue, the Raptor Response folds down into a compact size for easier carrying.

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears Folded Closed

A removable pocket clip is attached to the side of the shears.

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears Color Options

There will be 3 colors at launch – blue (navy), red (crimson), and gray.

Leatherman Raptor Shears Comparison

At first glance, I thought that Leatherman simply took the Raptor Rescue, removed the strap cutter and carbide glass breaker, left out the included holster, and dropped the price by just a little bit. While all this is true, there are several other differences.

To start, the Raptor Response is more compact than the Rescue. When closed, the Response measures 4.3″ while the Rescue measures 5″.

Leatherman says that the Raptor Response has a “compact size for everyday portability.”

The Response features a polished finish for easier cleaning.

Both tools are made from stainless steel, but the handles are very different. The Rescue has glass-filled nylon handles, while the Response has aluminum handles with a Cerakote coating. In other words, they handles were changed from plastic/polymer to metal.

In my experience, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue is a very useful tool, but it’s quite pricey if you’re only using it for utility purposes. Leatherman markets the Raptor towards “uniformed response professionals” such as rescuers, and they also lists common uses as industrial shears, fabric shears, kitchen shears, and garden shears.

The new Raptor Response is smaller and lacks the Rescue’s carbide glass-breaking tool and seatbelt cutting strap, but manages to keep the ring cutter and ruler markings, and an oxygen wrench cutout at the end of the handle.

The Response does not come with a holster.

The Raptor Response is priced at $69.95, compared to $79.95 for the Rescue model.

I would consider the aluminum handle loops an upgrade over glass-filled nylon. Leatherman says that the handles are smaller and easier to use without gloves, and they also say they’re well-suited for use while wearing (medical) nitrile gloves.

Price: $69.95

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Leatherman makes a case for the Leatherman Raptor Response being well-suited for all types of users.

“Ready for anything.”

“Gear up for the unexpected.”

“Easily fits into a pocket or in an emergency kit.”

The Raptor Rescue is absolutely first and foremost aimed at rescue professionals. The new Leatherman Raptor Response also looks to appeal to the same users, and others who don’t need the vehicular rescue functions of the original model. Press materials show the Raptor Response being used in the wilderness and being carried by ski patrol responders.

I know that some people are immediately going to criticize the price, but I would point out that there’s still nothing else like the Leatherman Raptor on the market.

Leatherman Raptor Response Features & Specifications

Tools and Functions

  • Stainless steel shears
  • Ring cutter
  • Ruler (5cm)
  • Oxygen tank wrench

Carrying Options

  • Removable pocket clip
  • Built-in lanyard hole

Dimensions and Weight

  • Shear length: 1.9″ (4.8 cm)
  • Closed length: 4.3″ (10.9 cm(
  • Overall thickness: 0.85″ (2.6 cm)
  • Width: 1.7″ (4.3 cm)
  • Weight: 5.5 oz (157 g)


  • 420HC stainless steel
  • Aluminum handles
  • Cerakote coating (handles)

The Leatherman Raptor Response is made in the USA.

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