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Lowe’s Kobalt Mechanics Tools Section has a New Look

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Lowe’s house brand, Kobalt Tools, posted a image of their new mechanics tools display, which is supposedly coming to stores.

My last visit to a Lowe’s store was a couple of weeks ago, and they did have a small section of select Kobalt mechanics tools, such as torque wrenches and storage accessories, but nothing like this.

Kobalt writes:

Noticed anything new in the Kobalt section of your local Lowe’s? Our mechanics tool area has a brand new look.

A couple of comments by Kobalt Tools’ followers mirror my own experience, indicating that they haven’t seen anything like that at their Lowe’s stores yet.

Still, the season is early, and Kobalt’s post suggests that the new displays will be headed out to stores. The Kobalt Tools section looks nothing like this, but perhaps it will, soon.

A couple of years ago, Lowe’s revamped their mechanics tool section, making Craftsman the focus. Just before that happened, there were reader concerns that Kobalt offerings would be phased out in favor of Craftsman, and that is pretty much what happened.

Aside from promotional tool displays during holiday shopping seasons, Kobalt was deprioritized and practically disappeared from stores for a time.

While the pictured sample display is far from being a major resurgence, it’s still an interesting and welcome development. It’s good to have another option besides Craftsman.

Have you seen any changes to the Kobalt Tools display at your local Lowe’s?

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