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Can Your Job Box Do More?

Job boxes are great for keeping your tools secure, but Makinex believes you should expect more from your job box than just security. Makinex designed Mobile Charging Pods (MCP) for just that purpose. These mobile storage pods provide a secure way to store away your valuable tools and chargers—but with one additional feature. With a dedicated GCFI outlet for each locker, your tool batteries can spend their downtime recharging.

What’s the Big Deal?

Makinex has taken the mobile job box and improved the design in a few ways. Each of the Makinex Mobile Charging Pods features 6 individual lockers. Each has its own GCFI outlet to safely provide 120V power to charge your tool batteries while storing them. Interestingly, this also potentially increases jobsite safety (and minimizes potential noncompliance fines). How? By maintaining electrical installation standards and avoiding overloaded power distribution centers while also eliminating trip hazards associated with cords.

Makinex Mobile Charge Pods01

Makinex Mobile Charging Pods also forego the typical steel construction that can be a real bear to move around the site. Rather, the MCPs feature a lightweight and durable polyethylene construction that drops the weight to a manageable 163 lbs. Plus, the Makinex Mobile Charging Pods sit atop 4 lockable castors for even better mobility.

Makinex MCP Mobile Charging Pods

For a little more security, the Makinex MCP also features 4 lock joints, letting you secure them to a building or fixture. You can even secure it to another Mobile Charging Pod, effectively doubling your storage capacity.

Makinex designed the Mobile Charging Pods to be compatible with a variety of different locks. You can bring your own thumbprint or Bluetooth readers to the party or stick with more traditional keyed or combination locks.

Makinex MCP Specs

  • Size (WxDxH): 58.25 x 16.9 x 53.9 in.
  • Locker dimensions (WxDxH) 22.8 x 13 x 14.5 in.
  • Six (6) 2-gang switched 120V outlets per unit
  • Weight: 163 lbs.
  • Material: UV stabilized & fire-rated polyethene


Makinex has decided to play it close to the vest when it comes to pricing. We have seen overseas pricing that puts it around $2100 USD per unit not including shipping. You can contact Makinex directly to request a quote and place an order or email them at [email protected]

Makinex Mobile Charging Pods Specs

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 54 x 58 x 17 in.
  • Dimensions at the Front of the Locker (HxWxD): 13 x 23 x 14.5 in.
  • GFCI Outlets: 1 per locker
  • Material: UV-stabilized and V2 fire-rated polyethylene
  • Weight: 163 lbs.
  • Price: ~$2100

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