Does You Use a Smartphone or Connected Tools for Your Work or Projects?

*Snicker*… I dunno… “Does” I? Correction Goblin is having a good giggle on that one.

My answer though, is yes. But, it’s my regular cell, not some rugged brand. And it’s usually either just a calculator, or whatever bluetooth or wifi functions are available for my tools. This extends more to technological tools, than it does to construction or detailing tools. Don’t get me wrong, I’m drooling fiercely over the Bluetooth adapters for adding to my tools, and for using my DeWALT Connect app for inventory and control over whether they are in use. And… Yeah, sometimes I have to pull up a conversion tool when I have a headache, especially going from the archaic Imperial measurements to the Civilized Metric that I prefer. I also have a couple different PocketRef series books with charts to help me do that conversion.

To some degree, Mobile integration is good… But to a large degree, it goes too far. If we’re in the territory that the phone app you’re using to track your tools, is sharing photos of your work to Social Media? Too far… Back it up… The app needs to shut up and do what we tell it to do, not whatever it feels like doing… Track our tools, let us tune or control the use of our tools, and then wait for our commands. That’s it.

Admitted Bias: I am definitely a control freak. I don’t like a lot of attention pointed my way, and I like to move on from things. I also like to stay on a topic for as long as possible, without diversion until it is resolved. I’m a Problem Solver by nature. Leaving things in the middle drives me insane. Especially when people change the topic mid-sentence because they have nothing to contribute to the conversation… That throws me, and I walk away. So, I expect my Mobile integration to stick to its lane, as I want it to operate, and do nothing I don’t actively do myself.

(I know, “but you write so much, how can you not want attention?” I type fast, and I spellcheck on the fly, and I had a Jewish Grandmother who was very uptight and regimental about spelling and grammar… I am more comfortable within the conditioned way she made me respond to the world, than I am with slang and shortened speech… it doesn’t mean I want attention, it means I’m articulate with my words. And I didn’t do this to myself, I was raised this way, without a choice. If not for the anxiety I feel when I try to just kinda “Grunt” in agreement or “Glare” in disappointment so I can move on, I would just kinda be a single-syllable all-work-no-talk kind of person. But, Jewish Grandmothers know how to guilt-trip you into levels of neurotic hell that no one else can in life. For me? It’s writing things out in full form. If I don’t… I get flashbacks to my Grandmother… Okay? Does that explain why I talk so much? ‘Cause that’s why I talk so much… She died in 2018, and I still have her voice in my head, nagging me to talk more. It’s Jewish Guilt.)

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