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Should You Enter Festool’s Search for a Cordless Impact Driver Tester?

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Several people wrote in about Festool’s new Tool Tester contest, where they’re giving away (10) cordless impact drivers, with a catch.

I reviewed the Festool TID 18 cordless impact driver last year, and continue to bust it out on occasion for context and comparison purposes. It’s a good model that I think most users would be satisfied with.

Festool launched their 18V impact driver alongside a number of kit and combo kit SKUs that were seemingly configured to attract the attention of broader range of cordless power tool users.

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Festool isn’t just giving away 10 cordless impact driver kits right now, they’re looking for “product testers.”  The “search for product testers” kicked off at the start of the month and will end on 9/12/2021.

The official press announcement, which came several days after the search began on social media, invites both trade professional and advanced DIYers to throw their names into the hat.

How to enter:

1) Sign up for the MyFestool portal at

2a) Click the link on the main menu to access the entry form

2b) Complete the form and tell us [Festool] why you should be the one testing the TID 18 Cordless Impact Driver.

Festool USA will select (10) people to each win an impact driver kit.

Now, here’s the catch:

In return we would ask you to give us written feedback on the tool and also submit a photo- and/or a video back to us. All selected product testers can keep the tool after the test period.

Each tester will agree to use the tool during their normal day on the jobsite or in the workshop.

That might not seem like a lot to ask, but it is.

In any case, this doesn’t seem to be about putting tools in potential testers’ hands, but about spreading word about the impact driver kit in a highly publicized way. Maybe they’re trying to spread the word to broader audience of trades professionals and advanced DIYers, that Festool is more than just a fine woodworking and carpentry brand, .

Back to the title question – should you enter this contest?

Festool says that they will select their favorite submissions, which means this is a contest and not a giveaway.

Due to the nature of this program, it’s going to have a much lower entry rate than a straight up “put your name down to enter” type of sweepstakes.

First, you have to register for the MyFestool USA portal, which a lot of people simply aren’t going to be willing to do. Then, you have to confirm your account via email link, log in, and then fill out or skip an account completion form. Go back and find the context entry link, and start by filling out a couple of pages with your contact info. They also ask for your social media account info and total number of followers, but this is listed as optional.

On the last page of the entry form, they ask your profession or if you’re a DIY-hobbyist, and for entrants to answer, in 3-5 sentences, why they should be selected as a product tester.

In other words, your chances of winning, should you really want this Festool 18V cordless impact driver kit, are going to be much higher than if this was a regular giveaway or sweepstakes.

In my experience, the more steps in a giveaway or context entry program, the fewer people enter. And with this being a contest rather than winners being selected at random, that will discourage even more people from entering.

Back in 2018, Bosch had a contest where they were giving out 2,000 18V FREAK impact tool kits. They were giving away two THOUSAND tool kits. The Instagram hashtag created for the context currently only has 473 entries. Although there are a bunch more entries on other social platforms, you’d think there’d be much greater interest that that.

Although Festool is only giving away 10 Festool impacts to tool testers, you might have very good chances to win one.

Then again, you’re not just going up against other users, you might also be competing against “aspiring influencers” and others who might see this as a route for exposure.

If you enter this contest, be honest but think about what Festool USA might want to hear in their “why should you be a product tester” part. After all, they’re choosing their “favorite” submissions. Meaning, “my last impact broke and I need a new one” isn’t going to cut it.

Their messaging says it all – they’re not asking you to enter, they’re asking you to apply.

Given that Festool launched this impact driver more than a year ago, this contest doesn’t seem to be about testing or reviewing this tool itself. As mentioned, I think it’s more about Festool trying to appeal to a broader audience, and they might be more interested in potential testers that can help further this goal.

Good luck!

Festool says that entries will be accepted until 11:59pm ET 9/12/2021.

Festool Entry Starts Here

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