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Have You Used or Heard of Crick Tool’s USA-Made Wood Levels?

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I recently came across Crick, a USA-based level manufacturer that I had never heard of before. At first glance their wood levels looked to resemble existing products from other brands – such as Johnson Level – but a closer look convinced me otherwise.

Crick offers a 3-piece and 5-piece levels, with the number referring to the number of wood layers used to construct the level bodies.

They have both ready-made levels, available at Amazon, and also customized levels where you can tell them how you want your level built. Some of the options, add-ons, and upgrades come with an added fee.

Starting with the wood construction, you can choose between African Walnut and Beech for one set of alternating layers, and Maple, African Walnut, and Beech for the other layers.

Vials can be green or clear.

You can add rubber cushions, anti-fog lenses, magnets, and 45° vials.

There is also the option to engrave different parts of your level.

Crick says that their levels are strong and durable, and accurate to 0.015″ in the length of their levels. The 3-piece levels are available in 12″ to 50″ lengths, and the 5-piece levels in 8″ to 50″ lengths.

It is not clear as to whether there are any functional differences between 3-piece and 5-piece levels, or if it’s just a matter of aesthetic preferences.

On their website, Crick describes how their levels are constructed:

  • Hardened 16-gauge stainless steel binding and end caps
  • Ring shank nails on the sides, black oxide screws on the end caps
  • 2-piece hardened stainless steel vial clips
  • 1/8″ thick vial lenses, sealed with silicone
  • Wood is sealed with penetrating oil
  • Vials guaranteed to 0.015″ accuracy along level length

They say that they designed the lenses for DIY replacements, and appear to sell them for $17.50 for 25-count. Crick also sells a level care kit for $27, including linseed oil, a hanging hook, 6 lenses, and 12 lens clips.

Crick levels are made in the USA.

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More Info via Crick

Have you ever heard about Crick Tool or their levels?

Looking around the web, most user reviews are very positive and optimistic, but there are also some very negative reviews on social media.

Crick Tool doesn’t seem to advertise or promote their products very much, and they give off a boutique “builders’ secret tool brand” kind of vibe.

A lot of woodworkers are eager to spend big bucks on customized wood tools, such as Blue Spruce’s squares and chisels, but do builders and other tradesmen feel the same way about wood levels?

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