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How to Install a Cable Jack in the Wall

You might need to fix a poorly installed cable outlet. Or perhaps you want to move a television from one side of the room to another. Knowing how to install a cable TV jack in the wall doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, it’s really just a matter of planning the best way to route the cable TV wire. After that, you just dress up your installation with a proper wall plate.

What You Need to Know to Install a Cable TV Jack

For this article, we plan to spend most of our time on the actual cable jack and wall plate. We have to assume you’ve been able to locate the cable in the proper location. With so many houses and so many different variables, it’s nearly impossible to provide comprehensive instructions for running wire. 

In general, you can often feed a wire either directly through an exterior wall. Other times, you’ll drill through a top plate in the attic, or up through a sill plate from the crawl space. A good cordless drill, paired with a twist drill bit, and a tape measure to get you in the right place should have you ready in no time.

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Tools You May Need

How to Install the Cable Jack Work Box

Once you’ve located the new place for your cable TV jack, we recommend using a standard single gang low voltage “old work” box. Old work boxes use plastic brackets to hold the box secure against the drywall. This differs from a new work box that uses nails which you hammer into the adjacent stud.

This lets you have a nice finished hole with a cable TV plate. You can also use a standard shallow single-gang box. Either provides easy access to in-wall cable. Both types can be found in any hardware or home improvement store.

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