Pony and Jorgensen Clamps and More

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I recently noticed that my Lowe’s stores have reset their clamp and vise sections, which now predominantly feature tools by Pony and Jorgensen.

Lowe’s used to have a strong selection of Irwin clamps and vises, and it seems that those offerings have been completely replaced by Pony and Jorgensen models.

Pony Jorgensen Woodworking Bar Clamp Tool Display At Lowes

The same was true in the bar clamp section, where Jorgensen occupies most of the shelf and wall-peg space.

There is also a lone Bora product on the pegboard, unfortunately camouflaged due to also having an orange color scheme.

Pony Jorgensen Holiday Promo Tool Display At Lowes

Lowe’s had promo displays in stores last winter holiday shopping season, advertising Pony hand clamps and Jorgensen bar clamp 2-packs.

Pony Jorgensen Fathers Day Tool Display At Lowes
Pony Jorgensen Father’s Day 2021 Promo Display At Lowe’s

Several months later, Lowe’s had a larger floor display set up for Father’s Day 2021. The Father’s Day promo setups included Pony hand clamps and Jorgensen bar clamps, but also tools that aren’t typically associated with these brands.

Aside from the clamps, the Pony and Jorgensen display also had Jorgensen jab saws, 3pc wood chisel sets, chisel-file sets, and also hand saws.

Pony Jorgensen Fathers Day Tool Display At Lowes After One Month

One month later, a week before Father’s Day, much of the display had been sold-through.

In the past, Irwin and Lenox, both Stanley Black & Decker brands, would have been the Lowe’s go-to’s for promo jab saws, wood chisels, hand saws, and even clamps.

Pony and Jorgensen suspended operations in 2016 before being purchased by GreatStar, and these displays at Lowe’s have greatly increased their visibility in recent years.

Between Craftsman, Irwin, Stanley, and Lenox, Stanley Black & Decker brands occupy a great deal of the hand tools shelf space at Lowe’s. What’s interesting to me is that this shows there is still room for more tool brands and competition.

As we have previously reported, Ideal Industries – which has recently taken over Lowe’s electrical hand tools sectionhas sold their SK Hand Tool Brand to GreatStar. It is possible that GreatStar acquired the SK Hand Tool brand knowing that there could also be a spot for this brand at Lowe’s, among Craftsman and Kobalt mechanics tools.

Lowe’s was also a strong Shop Vac partner when it came to wet/dry vacuums and similar products, although Craftsman options have largely taken their place. GreatStar acquired Shop Vac several months ago, shortly after they shuttered and began liquidating assets. News reports from the time said that GreatStar had planned to reopen Shop Vac’s Williamsport, PA facility.

The increased presence of Pony and Jorgensen products is interesting by itself, but it could also be the spearhead of greater ties between Lowe’s and GreatStar. GreatStar has been working to acquire a significant tool box manufacturer.

It is unclear as to whether the greater presence of Pony and Jorgensen clamping products and hand tools at Lowe’s is an isolated and regular development, or the start of more resets and changes to come.

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