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Will SK Hand Tools be Made in USA or China?

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First, there were rumors that SK Tools was up for sale. Not long after, there was an official announcement that Ideal Industries was selling SK Hand Tools to Hangzhou GreatStar Industrial Co.

And then came the backlash for “SK Tools selling out to China.”

The comments being made by some of SK Hand Tools’ most vocal users and customers vary widely. Some of of the consumer feedback so far include perfectly valid concerns, while other comments are unfairly harsh.

Users’ emotions continue to run high.

SK Hand Tools’ response has been very weak.

On Instagram, an SK fan or follower wrote:

So when are you liquidating all your foundry and manufacturing equipment? Never to be USA again?

In a rare reply by SK, they said:

we’re not liquidating anything!

There have not been any official communications regarding SK Hand Tools’ plans. Ideal Industries, GreatStar, and SK Hand Tools have all been largely silent.

Earlier today, in a comment to our post on SK Tools’ sales rumor, Mickey O shared some news:

Talked to several long time Ideal employees over the weekend, they told me they’ll be shutting down the plane in DeKalb in about a year. They also told me they’re changing their name to SK Tools USA before the sale is finalized. I assume that’s so when the Chinese takes production to China the tools will still say USA on them.

Ideal Industries associates might not have the latest or most accurate information, and all this should still be considered unsubstantiated rumor.

Still, this is exactly what a lot of users and SK Tool fans are worried about.

Some users have already jumped ship:

Done with sk already started buying USA proto. Will stick with them and snap on now and possibly Wright. No thanks sk it will be a belly flop

Too bad they’re gonna be made in China now. Looks like I’m just gonna buy old used stuff. No more new SK for me..

In reply to a post about SK’s limited edition backpack, one Facebook follower said:

I am positive it was made in China its a shame I am going to retire my s-k tools because I am positive if I had to warranty my tools I would get back some cheap crap made in China.

Others are waiting for more information.

Newly acquired by a Chinese company wonder how long before they move production back to China

It seems that, of all the people commenting to SK Tools’ social media posts, there are several recurring themes. Some people have already made up their minds that this sale is a bad move for the brand, although most don’t seem realize that the brand doesn’t seem to have had a choice in the matter.

Others are hopeful, curious, or cautious. What’s going to happen to the SK Hand Tools brand? Nobody knows! Or at least, nobody’s talking.

Looking through SK’s most recent posts, all they’ve said so far is that they’re not liquidating anything, but this isn’t much of a forward-looking statement.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether SK Tools will continue to be made in the USA, or if all production will be moved to China.

What are SK’s plans for future tool production?

Are the rumors, speculations, and concerns all true, and that SK Tools will be moving everything overseas?

The longer that Ideal, SK, and GreatStar stay silent about this, the more pessimistic the outlook becomes. Is the absence of any formal statements or clarifications because plans are still fluid or the sale has not completely gone through yet? Or are the 3 companies holding quiet because they know users won’t be happy with their plans?

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