New Leatherman Curl Multi-Tool Looks Like a “Wave Lite”

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Leatherman has started teasing about their new CURL multi-tool, model 832930, which they’re set to announce next week.

I took a closer look, and there are enough details on the Leatherman Curl multi-tool for a quick introduction.

Leatherman Curl Multi-Tool Open Pliers

The Leatherman Curl has a familiar look to it, almost like a “old Wave Lite” type of tool. Marketing copy says that the Curl was “inspired by their best selling multipurpose tool,” and so the resemblance makes sense.

As with other Leatherman multi-tools, the new Curl has combination pliers, a knife blade that’s accessible when the tool is folded closed, and also inside-accessible tools.

What’s different about the Curl is that it only has outside-accessible tools on one side. This is confirmed in Leatherman’s teaser image on social media, which shows a plain back with pocket clip.

Whereas the old Wave and Charge multi-tools had four outside-accessible tools, the new Curl only has two. With the Curl, you get a knife blade and a file.

Leatherman Curl Tools and Features

Leatherman says that the Curl multi-tool has 15 tools and functions.

  • Needlenose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hard wire cutters
  • Electrical crimper
  • 420HC stainless steel knife (locking)
  • Wood/metal file (locking)
  • Scissors w/ spring action
  • Awl with thread loop
  • Large screwdriver bit driver
    • Double-ended Phillips/slotted bit
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Wire stripper
  • Ruler (4-inch)
  • Removable pocket clip
  • Nylon sheath is included


  • Blade length: 2.9″
  • Closed length: 4″
  • Overall length: 6.5″
  • Weighs 7 oz

The Curl is described as being made in the USA.

Price: $80

Buy Now via MSC
Compare: New Wave via Amazon


I reviewed the Leatherman Wave a long time ago, and they have since updated it with an improved wire cutter. The new Wave currently retails for $100.

Leatherman multi-tools have increased in price over the years, and the company has made attempts to offer more affordable tools without making too many compromises.

Leatherman Curl vs. Wave Multi-Tools

Leatherman Curl vs Wave Multi-Tools

Here, the new Curl looks very similar to the Wave Plus multi-tool. If retailers’ $79.95 launch pricing for the Curl is accurate, that makes the Wave Plus a $20 upgrade at $99.95.

The Curl has similar pliers and cutters as the old Wave, and nearly identical tools and functions as the new Wave Plus. It looks like an awl is swapped in for the Wave’s eyeglass screwdriver bit driver feature. The Curl is missing the serrated blade and wood saw from the Wave, but it does look to have the same wood/metal file and plain edge knife blade.

The Curl comes with a pocket clip. You can add one to the Wave Plus for $5.

With only two outside-accessible tools on one side of the Curl, I would expect it to be more compact and possibly a little more comfortable for pocket-clip-carry. I bought a pocket clip for my Wave a long time ago, but hardly ever used it. In my experience, the Wave and Wave Plus multi-tools, and other full-size models, are more comfortably carried in a belt-mounted sheath. The Curl does come with a sheath.

The Curl weighs a little less, but there are no specs for the closed handle thickness yet.

Other images I’ve found for the Curl suggest that its tools don’t have the same active locks as Leatherman’s Wave Plus, Charge, and other like-styled full-sized tools. There’s probably still a slip joint or other passive locking mechanism.

So, it seems that the Curl is scaled down a little bit from the Wave Plus, but is it worth saving $20 for?

Or, is the Curl worth $20 more than Leatherman’s Sidekick (via Amazon) or Wingman (via Amazon) multi-tools, which are both currently priced at $60?

The Curl is advertising as having 15 tools and functions compared to 18 for the Wave Plus, but it looks like the Curl is missing the inner tool locking system, and that’s on top of the non-replaceable cutter jaws and half of the outside-opening tools. There could be other more subtle differences as well, such as with the pivots or user experiences.

The Curl looks to be a meet-in-the-middle type of tool. It lacks some of the more premium qualities of the Wave Plus, but offers upgrades over Leatherman’s more entry-priced tools.


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