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Don’t Buy These Tools You Should Avoid

We often hear how lucky we are—getting to play with tools every day. Manufacturers are constantly innovating, constantly upgrading, and consistently amazing us with their new products. However, occasionally, we spot a misfire. This happens when a tool comes out either half-baked or maybe just too specialized (or generalized) for its own good. Regardless, these tools don’t really appeal to us. Perhaps we just don’t understand the point. Or maybe we missed the point entirely—who knows. In any case, our recommendation is don’t buy these tools. These are the tools you should avoid regardless of whether you consider yourself a DIYer or a Pro.

Frankly, some of them just baffle us.

The 8 oz. Mr. Pen Hammer

8-ounce Mr Pen hammer tools you should avoid

Remarkably—this small hammer finds itself at the top of the Amazon best-selling list. While we get the concept of a small hammer, an 8-ounce model just seems ridiculously small. In fact, a hammer this small actually generates a good bit of injury since you’re just as likely to smash your knuckles on the material as hit your target. You get no leverage…no power…seriously, where’s the upside here besides the fact that it costs $7?

Even the description for this tool seems a bit ridiculous and reaching. “Small Hammer for Women”…really? That just seems off-putting. Instead of this, grab a small 16-ounce Craftsman hammer that can actually help you accomplish some work. Don’t buy these “stubby” tools. They have no place in a DIYers tool bag let alone anyone else’s who works professionally!

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