What You Don’t Know About FLEX Tools

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I have been spending more time working with a couple of FLEX Tools samples, and there’s one aspect that keeps shining through each of them – the sheer blistering power.

There are many other great things about their new cordless power tools, but their speed, power, and performance have been impressing and surprising me.

Flex is a ToolGuyd sponsor, and I’ve been trying to be extra careful in how I test them. I have been hoping to find some compromises to share – anything to keep me from doing nothing but gush about the tools, but they’re just not there.

There have been a lot of reader questions and concerns about the Flex brand. Where did they come from? Why should we trust them? Is it a gamble to buy into their new 24V Max brushless cordless power tool platform?

Flex Tools Powering the Trades

Flex is clearly aiming for the premium and professional tool market, promising to “conquer the jobsite” and “power the trades.”

These are strong claims for a “new” brand. But here’s the thing that a lot of people don’t know. While Flex has launched a new line of 24V Max cordless power tools, they’re not a new brand, and neither are the teams designing and building these tools.

The same company that owns Flex also owns EGO, Skil, and Skilsaw tool brands, and they have also been making cordless power tools for other tool companies and retailers’ house brands.

I have been finding it difficult to answer questions about the Flex brand, as I’ve had years of experience with the many tools and innovations that led up to their new cordless platform.

Personally, I have full faith in Flex. They are experienced in launching new game-changing cordless platforms, as they did with EGO’s cordless outdoor power tools and then again recently with Skil’s 12V and 20V Max cordless systems.

Flex is now doing something similar. They’re not designing tools and then shopping around for end users, they’re designing their tools specifically with pro and demanding users in mind. They know what users are looking for in cordless power tools, and that’s what they’re striving to deliver.

Flex’s engineers and product managers are passionate and extremely adept at what they do.

A reader recently asked for my opinion, as they’re thinking about buying into the Flex cordless system before the end of the year to take advantage of the Founder’s warranty extension promotion:

Purchase by December 31, 2021 and register within 30 days to gain exclusive access to the FLEX Founders Limited Lifetime Warranty on all FLEX 24V tools, batteries and chargers.

I think this is a great idea. In the absence of my years of interactions and many experiences with their other tool designs, the Founder’s warranty extension would probably put me at ease about trusting a new-to-me brand.

There is a lot behind Flex’s new cordless power tools – years of cordless advancements, market research, and countless times their parent company has pushed the limits of brushless motor and Li-ion battery tech.

Even with Flex being a new brand that’s putting out bold claims, the teams behind the tools have proven themselves over time to have the know-how, ambition, and commitment to back it all up.

Long-time readers might know me to be easily excited and overly optimistic when it comes to new tools and developments, which is why I’ve been putting in a lot of time with some of Flex’s core tools, just to be sure. I continue to be pleased and impressed, and everything I have experienced thus far has met or exceeded my expectations.

So far, Flex’s tools have been performing extremely well, meeting and even at times exceeding my high expectations. I have been working with Flex’s core tools and am nearly ready for more. Which Flex tools do you want to see reviewed here? What do you want to know?

And, there’s something you should know – more Flex tools are on the way.

You can see all of Flex’s current cordless power tool options at Lowe’s, and there are plenty of new user reviews in case you want to check those out as well.

See Flex Tools via Lowe’s

(I have also been giving some thought to putting together a giveaway. There are already so many different tools to choose from – I’m open and eager to feedback and suggestions as to potential prize ideas.)

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