New Dewalt ToughSeries Screwdrivers

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Dewalt launched a new ToughSeries lineup of hand tools, starting with the new tape measures I recently reviewed here. Coming up next, they also have new screwdrivers on the way.

Dewalt says that there will be a “complete range” of ToughSeries screwdrivers. At this time, there are details about a new 8pc screwdriver set and 2pc demo-style screwdriver set.

Dewalt ToughSeries Screwdrivers Corrosion Resistance Claims

The biggest feature with the new screwdrivers is that they feature 10X greater corrosion resistance compared to their previous models.

Dewalt is presumably referring to their MaxFit screwdriver set, which launched a few years ago. Benjamen reviewed the Dewalt MaxFit screwdrivers here.

The improved corrosion resistance is due to a “black chrome coating” that is applied to the screwdrivers’ shafts.

Dewalt ToughSeries Screwdrivers MaxFit Precision Tip

The new Dewalt ToughSeries screwdrivers will also feature MaxFit precision machined tips. Dewalt says that this will help reduce camout and maximize fit within fasteners.

Dewalt ToughSeries Screwdriver Set Pricing

  • 8pc screwdriver set, DWHT65102: $30
  • 2pc demo screwdriver set, DWHT65100: $13


New Dewalt Screwdrivers
Dewalt MaxFit Screwdriver

It looks to me that Dewalt kept the same MaxFit-style screwdriver handles, making very minor changes to the new ToughSeries handles. You won’t find any complaints from me – the MaxFit screwdriver ergonomics were quite good.

The pricing of the new screwdrivers are comparable to Dewalt’s current screwdriver set options. I actually hoped to see the ToughSeries demo drivers in-store, but they don’t seem to have started shipping yet, and so I picked up the set with acetate handles for an upcoming comparison.

I feel that a little more could have been done with the new screwdrivers though. The MaxFit screwdrivers were announced 6 years ago at a Dewalt media event, and the new ToughSeries drivers look barely any different. But, I suppose it speaks highly of the original designs and engineering if the surface finish was the only aspect Dewalt felt necessary to improve upon.

Dewalt did introduce new screwdrivers in the years since the MaxFit sets first came out – and they were made in the USA – but that entire lineup has already been discontinued. Maybe, if the ToughSeries product family gains enough traction, we might see a return of those truly tough drivers.

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