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The Estwing Tools Website Has Been Down for Months

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I’m getting a bit worried here – Estwing’s website has been down for several months now.

After seeing the same “Coming Soon” message for several weeks, I emailed their general sales address, asking if this was being done to prepare for a major tool launch or announcement. I was told the following:

Yes we are adding a few new tools to our inventory, but our website is really shut down for upgrading. We are not sure when it will be back up but hoping soon.

That was nearly 5 months ago, and there haven’t been any changes yet.

Looking at Estwing’s Facebook page, there are a couple of comments suggesting that users and customers have also been having difficulty getting in touch with them:

Al: You’re still in business?

Sara: Wish we could get ahold of an actual customer service representative…

Al: Great stuff, but what’s up with the Estwing website? Its been down for quite a while.

Gary: I guess Estwing is too busy to reply to inquiries – so sad.

Jean: What’s happening with their website ?

Estwing doesn’t appear to have stopped manufacturing or shipping tools. Since they sell to retailers and not end users directly, they might not have thought twice about shutting down their website while it’s being redesigned.

Given my experiences with Estwing quality, I doubt that there would have been many warranty inquiries in this time.

They said that the website is down while it’s being upgraded, and I am inclined to believe them. But, it’s been at least 6 months now.

I ordered an Estwing hammer for my father last month, and would do it again. I’m curious and confused about how long their site remains down, but it has not yet changed my views on the company.

I have been ignoring the part of me that likes to speculate. “Is Estwing being acquired? Has Estwing already been acquired?” But they said they’re just upgrading the website, and that’s what I believe. Hopefully their web design team gets things built and polished soon.

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