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Kapro Tape Measures | Optivision, Steel, and Power Reels

Kapro Measurement Tools Span The Trades

Kapro tape measures cover a wide variety of practical applications needed in so many trade professions. Between the Kapro 510 Optivision Series, Kapro 500 Series, and 660N Power Reels, everyone from construction and carpentry Pros to landscaping technicians and weekend warriors have the right measuring tool for the job.

Kapro 510 Optivision Tape Measures

Kapro has done well with its exceptionally visible Optivision level vials. They then set a goal of creating the most visible tape measure on the market, and the 510 Optivision series looks like the fruit of that labor. It also bears the same colors we love in their Condor box level vials.

Kapro imperial-metric tape measure

This tape measure features a double-printed blade for horizontal and vertical quick reading and marking. Triple-colored and oversized gradations also provide clear readings in any lighting conditions.

two-sided tape

Available in three blade widths, the tapes have a nylon coating for abrasion resistance. They also feature magnetic double-sided end hooks. Kapro claims that the 26ft model provides up to 14 feet of standout. We’ll look forward to testing that out.

Kapro 510 Optivision imperial-metric magnetic tape measures

The 510 Optivision tape measures also feature a 10-foot drop-tested polycarbonate case and an impact-resistant mechanism for additional durability. We don’t expect our tapes to last forever, but we like when they don’t explode upon impact.

Kapro 510 Optivision magnetic tape measures

The Kapro 510 Optivision Tape Measure is available in 10’/3m, 16’/5m, 26’/8m Imperial/Metric models, as well as 16′ and 26′ Imperial models. They range in price from $11.90 to $23.99.

Other Features

  • Self-locking blade
  • Push-button retrieval
  • Belt clip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Class II accuracy
  • CE conformity
  • Price: $11.90 | $15.99 | $23.99 (10ft/3m | 16ft/5m | 26ft/8m)

Kapro 500 Steel Power Tape Measure

The Kapro 500 Spring-Loaded Return Tape Measure offers a compact and readily visible approach to taking measurements in carpentry, drywall, construction, and home improvement projects.

Kapro Tape Measures 500

These tape measures feature a steel blade with a spring-loaded blade return and a one-touch locking mechanism. The tape itself is easy to read at a glance.

Kapro offers the 500 Series in 3m, 5m, and 8m lengths. As of right now, Kapro hasn’t offered us price points for these models, and it doesn’t look like there’s a way to order these models through the Kapro website…yet.

Other Features

  • Class II Accuracy
  • CE conformity

Kapro 660N Power Reels

For construction, landscaping, and fence building projects, Kapro has also added the 660N Power Reel to the stable of measurement solutions.

Kapro Tape Measures Reel

The 660N Power Reel features an easy-to-read double-sided printed tape that Kapro has reinforced with a fiberglass coating. And, Kapro has also improved retrieval with a 3x faster rewind.

The Kapro 660N Power Reel comes in 30M and 60M lengths. Again, it looks like this model is in production currently, but we expect it to make its way to the Kapro shop in due time.

Other Features

  • Heavy-duty ABS TPR covered case
  • Marking spike
  • Ergonomic handle

Kapro Tape Measure Availability

Right now, it looks like the Kapro Tape Measure lineup is only available directly through the Kapro website, but we expect that to change as retailers bring in new stock. Most major retailers already carry Kapro’s line of levels, measuring equipment, and accessories, so we expect to see this tape measure line represented soon as well.

For more information about the Kapro line of tools, check them out by clicking here.

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