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Another New Ka-Bar Space Force Knife

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Ka-Bar has come out with another United States Space Force themed knife, this time with a TDI-style design. The new knife follows the introduction of a larger series of Ka-Bar USSF tools and knives that inspired by the real US military branch tasked with protecting US and allied interests in space.

Ka-Bar 1480SF Space Force TDI Knife

This TDI knife features a tactical-oriented design, with the shape of the knife giving it a very compact and ergonomic form factor.

Ka-Bar says that the knife is ideal for opening freeze-dried food, mail from home, repairs to the ship, and self-defense.

The original TDI knife, by John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute, was designed as a “last option” knife for close quarters and concealed carry.

This version has a 2.313″ blade length, hollow ground AUS8A drop point blade, and curved Zytel handle.

Ka-Bar 1480SF Space Force TDI Knife with Sheath

The knife comes with a molded gray plastic sheath.

Price: $40-50

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If you like this style of knife, Ka-Bar offers a couple of different versions.

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While originally designed for tactical purposes – concealed carry and close quarters last resort personal defense – the Ka-Bar USSF version of the TDI knife is tongue-in-cheek described as you would expected for futuristic space station EDC.

Can you use this to open mail, packages, and “spaceship repairs?” Possibly.

I have not yet tested any knives quite like this one, and so maybe it might serve well as an EDC knife. Would you use this knife in place of a pocket knife, multi-tool, utility knife, or other work-focused type of knife?

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