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Cole-Bar Hammer Kickstarter Update

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The Cole-Bar Hammer is a multi-functional tool that was at the center of a 2014 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Cole-Bar Hammer Separation

The Cole-Bar hammer was designed to be used as a single tool, or broken down into two parts, with one half featuring a strike face and ratchet head, and the other half with a prying and nail-pulling claw.

Cole-Bar Hammer Ratchet Socket Wrench

The ratchet head was also tied into the pivoting mechanism, with users being able to use the tool in compact or full-extension mode.

Cole-Bar Hammer Ruler and Square

It was also designed to be used at intermediate angles, such as 90° for checking board surfaces.

In mid-2015, a Kickstarter update read “We Can’t Build the Cole-Bar Hammer.” Details of the update were only available to backers of the project, but I was later informed that the company behind the Cole-Bar was looking for new American manufacturing partners to work with.

That was 6 years ago.

Cole-Bar’s website says that something is “coming in 2021,” and a Kickstarter update 3 months ago shared additional details.

The company reports that they have made progress with the tool design, saying that solved a torque issue with the gear/pawl.

They documented production delays in sourcing components for the tool.

There’s also talk about new investors, which is good to hear.

The 7th generation prototype is shown off in a new demo video by RTE, their manufacturing partner:

The April 2021 update adds that they’re getting ready to move the Cole-Bar into pre-production, and that the company has a clear path to manufacturing.

The company will be working with RTE, which looks to be their current prototyping and machine shop partner, for assembly, warehousing, and shipping. They are also securing quotes with USA=based forging facilities.

It sounds like some of the components, namely the gears and pawls, might have to be outsourced, but the Cole-Bar crew should be applauded for striving to have as much of the tool manufactured buy USA partners as they are.

With their April posting, the Cole-Bar team has posted 92 updates to their Kickstarter campaign.

I’m still not convinced about the design, but I’m glad to see that even after 7-1/2 years the Cole-Bar team hasn’t given up.

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