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Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer Holds Larger Tools and Parts

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Milwaukee has come out with a new Packout Deep Organizer, model 48-22-8432. This is their 5th Packout organizer, following two half-width and two full-width sizes.

As the name implies, this is a deeper organizer than previous models.

Like Milwaukee’s other Packout organizers, this one has a clear lid, briefcase-style front handle, two latches, and it is fully stackable with other Packout toolboxes and accessories.

It also features a 50 pound weight capacity and IP65-rated weather seal.

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8432 Deep Organizer Open with Dividers

The Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer has a 5.5″ depth and removable divider panels. The case is split into two sections that can each be divided into 4 compartments. This gives you up to 4 small compartments and up to 4 large compartments.

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8432 Deep Organizer Holding Plumbing Tools and Crimps

The way the Deep Organizer is designed, users can configure it for use with parts and supplies, as well as the hand tools or cordless power tools that go along with them.

It seems easier to create custom tool and part configurations with the Deep Organizer than with Milwaukee’s other Packout organizers which all feature removable bins.

Just to be clear, the Deep Organizer has removable dividers, and not removable bins.

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8432 Deep Organizer Holding Metal Pipe Fittings

It would seem that Milwaukee designed the new organizer to benefit plumbers especially, as they show it off holding a selection of larger diameter steel pipe fittings.

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8432 Deep Organizer Holding PVC Pipe Fittings

The removable dividers allow for larger compartment sizing if needed. Even though Milwaukee’s standard Packout organizer is quite spacious, its bins and overall sizing isn’t very efficient for holding parts such as PVC pipe fittings either. This is where this new Deep Organizer seems to shine.

Milwaukee Packout Deep Organizer on Tool Box Stack

As with other Milwaukee Packout products, the new Deep Organizer can connect to other Packout tool boxes and accessories.

Price: $65
ETA: August 2021

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The new Deep Organizer makes a lot of sense, especially for users who might feel constrained by the smaller bins included with Milwuakee’s other Packout organizers.

I could see this size being hugely popular with plumbers, and also other users who might use it for dedicated installation or service kits.

Milwaukee Packout 48-22-8432 Deep Organizer Holding Plumbing Tools and Crimps

Milwaukee shows off the deep organizer being used for a PEX press tool and fittings kit. It seems that the tool and its removable crimp heads wouldn’t have fit in their shallower Packout organizer boxes, making this new organizer a better option for keeping everything together in a tidy manner.

The Deep Organizer does not seem to be the most efficient at storing smaller parts, but you have the option. There is also a strong aftermarket community of users who design and make various Packout accessories, and so we might see 3rd party accessories for any needs or improvisations that come up.

Is the new Packout organizer a perfect fit for your needs?

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