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Hart 20V Portable Rinser Review

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Offers Endless Adventure Cleanup Possibilities

How many times have you wished for a way to quickly rinse something off when there’s no access to a hose? It didn’t take long for our team to come up with a lengthy list and Hart has a 20V Portable Rinser that promises to help.


  • TONS of possibilities
  • Multiple spray patterns with the included nozzle
  • Delivers up to 38 gallons on one battery charge
  • 12V vehicle outlet compatible


  • We’d love a siphon hose option

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Performance

Just to clarify some expectations, this isn’t a pressure washer or power washer. It’s not designed to clean with high PSI, it’s designed to rinse using clean water.

With a 2.0Ah Hart 20V battery, you can spray up to 38 gallons at 70 max PSI and flow rates up to 0.9 GPM, depending on which nozzle setting you use. The tank itself holds 5 gallons, so that battery can get you through more than 7 tankfuls.

One of the cool things Hart did is include an 8-foot 12V vehicle adapter, extending that runtime much longer than you can get with a 20V battery.

12V Adapter Plug

Coming back to the nozzle, there are eight different settings: mist, vertical, flat, full, shower, center, cone, and stream. Thanks to all of those options, the portable rinser becomes incredibly versatile.

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Nozzle

Here are some of the ways we’re using it along with some other ideas for later:

  • Rinse saltwater off rods, reels, boat, and trailer
  • Camp shower
  • Rinsing mountain bikes and gear
  • Cleaning off a muddy dog before it comes inside
  • Rinse sandy feet and gear before getting in the car to come home from the beach
  • Water landscape plants where irrigation isn’t present
  • Clean up muddy boots after hunting or a day on the jobsite
  • Rinse salt off of your vehicle in the wintertime

What else can you think of? Tell us about it in the comments!

Understanding the Limitations

With all the things you can do, there are limitations. One is the capacity. You can get a lot done with 5 gallons, but you need to manage how you use it. For example, I can rinse off the rods and reels after a trip to Tampa Bay, but I need to refill the tank if I’m going to clean the entire boat deck and then again to turn around and hit the trailer.

Another is the pressure level. If you’re planning to use this for a camp shower, it’s not going to feel like stepping into your shower at home. Aside from not having a hot water source (this unit is rated for 120°F max), it’s a gentler flow. At 0.9 GPM max water flow, it takes a little longer to rinse the soap off.

Finally, keep in mind this is designed to deliver clean water. You shouldn’t mix fertilizer, pesticides, cleaner, or other chemicals in it.

In terms of actual improvements, a siphon hose option would be great to extend the volume using a larger container. I have a couple of 30-gallon plastic detergent containers from the local car wash that work great to carry extra cleaning water.

Hart 20V Portable Rinser Design Notes

Nozzle Holster

There’s a nozzle holster next to the fill cap and it works great when you need both hands free. Just push the nozzle to the on position, set it in the holster, and hit the power button to bring it to life.


It’s tough to call something a portable rinser if you can’t actually take it with you, and that’s part of why the tank holds five gallons instead of more. The rinser is 12.7 pounds on its own, so by the time you fill it up, you’re looking at roughly 54 pounds of total weight.

LED Light

There’s an LED light on the front (control side) of the unit. If you’re getting back to the car after dark, it’s helpful for seeing things fairly close up. It casts enough light that you can see within a few feet to get gear cleaned up.

Additional Features

  • Hook and loop strap to hold the hose
  • Battery door with closure to protect from errent spray

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