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The Dewalt Tools Store is a SCAM

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There’s a big problem going on right now – fake tool stores that look real enough to fool even savvy shoppers. I recently posted about a fake Ryobi Tools scam store, and it appears that there are now fake Dewalt Tool stores.

A reader brought this to my attention, with a link and asking if it’s complete BS. It’s good that they asked, but that there was any uncertainty as to the scam store’s illegitimacy is a big problem.

These “stores” are NOT LEGIT.

I have posted about fake and scam tool stores before, and it’s an increasing problem. Things are getting worse now, as the storefronts are copying official imagery and branding assets. They’re throwing up fewer red flags and tricking more people.

Here’s what you might see for certain Dewalt-related search terms on Google – listings with low prices and a link to “Dewalt Tools.”

The example sent to me was for a Dewalt impact wrench, and I found other listings such as for Dewalt Tools. These are located in the ads and paid placements of a Google search.

Dewalt Store Scam Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Listing

This is what you see when you visit the website. Dewalt branding, the iconic Dewalt yellow and black color scheme, and a storefront that looks legitimate at the surface.

If you look down the page, the store is branded “Dewalt Store,” although the URL does not match.

Dewalt Store Scam Landing Page

This is what the homepage looks like on mobile.

Dewalt Store Scam Battery Listings

Below a couple of promotional images and marketing claims, including a section about “3 reasons to buy recon,” you’ll find “Hot Sale” items – listings of Dewalt cordless power tool batteries at impossibly low pricing.

I found TWO websites like this thus far, and there could be others.

The fake Dewalt Tools stores aren’t just “selling” cordless power tools, they also have listings for Tstak and ToughSystem tool boxes, outdoor power tools, plumbing tools, hand tools, lasers, and more.

Here’s what a search turns up for the two domains:

Created: 2021-07-02 15:43:05 UTC

Created: 2021-07-02 15:43:08 UTC

What this means is that the two “Dewalt Tools” store URLs did not exist prior to a few weeks ago. When looking at a website’s registration information, the “Created” information relates to the creation date of that domain.

Fake Dewalt Tools Store Home Page

I found another store with a focus on corded power tools.

Created: 2021-01-29 15:17:58 UTC

That particular fake/scam Dewalt Tools storefront is one of the first Google search ads for “Dewalt Store.”

While it’s possible for companies to establish new tool stores and storefronts, these are often fly by night sham and scam stores that can easily disappear as quickly as they appear. Once they do enough damage, they might repeat the same under new domains and URLs.

When one fake storefront is shutdown or earns a reputation for scamming people, a lot of damage has already been done. The people or companies running these fake storefronts can simply copy their entire sites over to new domains and start over.

It also seems that there are many such scam stores operating at the same time. The storefront with impossibly low-priced Dewalt corded power tools seems to have been up for nearly half a year now.

Readers have asked us about scam storefronts before, and they usually mention coming across them via Facebook ads. This is the first time I have seen product listings myself, and via Google shopping ads.

Yes, the storefronts and their ads look convincing at the surface, but please don’t fall for it! I have NEVER heard of any positive outcomes.

Sometimes the result is “they took my money and I never heard from them again,” other times it’s “they took my money and sent me a fake tracking number for something else sent to my zip code.”

Don’t fall for the scam!!

There are other “gotchas” when you look at the storefronts, such as social media links that don’t go anywhere, and the absence of any phone number or address. Other signs, such as nonsensical “about” pages” are further indication that these fake stores aren’t at all related to Dewalt.

This fake/scam Dewalt Tools store looks pretty real, but it’s not. There are ways they could make it look even more real and legitimate, but the WHOIS information doesn’t like.

If a price looks too low to be true, it almost always is. That tiny percentage of “I can’t believe I bought it for that price!” instances is what sows doubt and leads shoppers to want these low prices to be true. But they’re not.

When you spot an impossibly low price at a reputable store, you might place the order figuring “what’s the worst that could happen?” If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime low price, or a price mistake that’s honored, you win out. If your order is cancelled, there’s no harm done. But that’s not true here. If you give these fake stores your personal information or financial information, a lot of harm can be done.

Do NOT take the chance with unknown stores or storefronts.

When in doubt, drop me an email or direct message and I’ll check it out.

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